Even Beatles need to downsize.

At 75, Ringo Starr and his wife, model and one-time Bond girl Barbara Bach, have decided to sell their country house in England as well as their Monte Carlo apartment. That led Starr to start poking around in the couples storage units they own around the world.

“We have so much stuff and a lot of it we haven’t seen in 20 to 30 years,” Starr told the Associated Press.

The couple decided to clear out the units and auction off the contents. Starr said they were “fed up” with keeping stuff in storage when it could be put to good use.

Below is just a sampling of what turned up in Starr’s self-storage treasure trove:


Sell It All

Julien’s Auctions will hold the auction December 4th and 5th in Beverly Hills, CA. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the couple’s non-profit, The Lotus Foundation. The auction company expects to fetch between $5 million and $10 million hawking the British drummer’s stuff.

Deciding what to keep and what to get rid off, proved to be a challenging ordeal for the couple, who have been married 34 years. Bach told the AP that they would go back and forth on certain items. Once they realized anything they’d keep would go back in storage, they’d end up changing their minds again and put it back into the auction.

A Huge Collection

Starr and Bach are selling everything from designer clothing, custom made furniture, antiques and of course lots and lots of drum sets. The crown jewel of the drum collection is Starr’s 1963 Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl three-piece drum kit. Starr used the drums for more than 200 performances between 1963 and 1964.

Starr is also selling a 1964 Rose-Morris model Rickenbacker guitar gifted to him by John Lennon, as well as a Gibson Les Paul given to him by T. Rex front man Marc Bolan. Also for sale is Starr’s copy of the screenplay to the movie Help!, a 2000 Mercedes Coupe also once owned by George Harrison, watches, rings, lapel pins, Beatles memorabilia and paintings.

A full list is available here.

Alexander Harris