San Diego’s Balboa Park is big. This 1200 acre park is home to 15 museums, one of the world’s premier zoos, performance venues, gardens, trails, and gorgeous greenery. It’s nearly 1.5 miles wide and 1.5 miles long.

If you were wondering how many 10×10 storage units you’d need to store Balboa Park (these are the things we think about here at SpareFoot) well, that would be 522,720 units. And as the average price of a 10×10 storage unit in San Diego is $135, you could expect to pay $70,567,200 in monthly rental fees — only about $54 million more than you’d spend on an ocean front mansion.

But those numbers don’t really give you an idea of how huge Balboa Park really is. In order to do so, we used mapping tool MAPfrappe to compare Balboa Park’s girth with cities and landmarks around the world. You may be surprised by the results: At only 499 acres, Monaco would fit into Balboa Park more than twice. Balboa Park easily envelops downtown Boston. Check out our infographic for even more comparisons.

For more information on Balboa Park and the San Diego area, check out SpareFoot’s San Diego Moving Guide.

How big is balboa park

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