Three Essential Ways to Organize Your Wardrobe For The Spring

Zara Raza
March 9, 2020
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Spring is closer than you think, and you might want to start thinking about how you will redo your closet to match the upcoming joyful season now.

You want to assure yourself that your closet will match the mood for spring, and that it is full of the right colors and has all of the essential items. We want to help you make this transition smoothly so that you will be ready when the flowers start blooming!

We have curated some helpful tips to assist you in deciding what items you need to get rid of, and what essential items you should spend some money on. Most of the essential items will be ones that you probably already have, so you should not have to spend so much on this. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Tip #1: Separate Your Clothes by Lights/Pastels and Darks/Blacks, and Color Coordinate Them.

Take some time to go through all of your clothes, shoes, and accessories. Separate the items by the ones that you know you can pull off in the spring, and the ones you need to store away.

The items you should keep in your closet for the spring would be anything light colored such as pastels, while the darker colored items such as that cozy maroon sweater or your black peacoat should be out of sight. Here is also a helpful list of colors to wear in the springtime that aren’t pastels. 

To make your closet even more appealing, try color coordinating your items. Some people oppose this idea just because they wish to organize by category, but color coordinating can make it faster to pick out your outfits everyday.

To make it even easier, create a section for tops which includes shirts, tanks, jackets etc. and a section for bottoms which would be all of your shorts, pants, skirts etc. Organize each section by color for easy matching.

Tip #2: Put Away Heavy Winter Clothes

This tip may be a little bit obvious, but who wants unnecessary heavy clothing that takes up so much space in their closet in the spring? It is time to get rid of your heavy coats and scarves! We recommend keeping one or two coats in your closet for the occasional cold snap, but for the rest, you can store them away in a box in your closet. If you do not have space in your closet or anywhere in your home to store these items, we recommend looking into storage units. This would be a great time to also store away any additional home items that you have been wanting to store for a while.

Tip #3: Make Sure You Have the Right Spring Wardrobe Essentials.

It would be nice to have all of your spring essentials on hand when you need them, so you might want to do a quick run-through of all of your closet items and see if you already have the following:

  • Patterned Items: This is the perfect time to bring out those stripes, polka dots, and floral prints.
  • Chiffon Tops: Chiffon is one of the most worn materials for the spring season, so you definitely want to have a good number of chiffon shirts and tanks.
  • Nude Flats: We can almost guarantee you that you will be wearing these more often.
  • White Sneakers: You can pair these with shorts or even a flowy skirt.
  • Rain Boots: Obviously, you will need a good pair of shoes for the rainy days as well.
  • Pastel Leather Jackets: On a day when it is not too cold and not too hot, you can pair a gorgeous patterned dress with a pastel leather jacket.
  • Cropped Light-Wash Jeans: This would be perfect to pair with your everyday white tee, or even one of the chiffon tops you own (or will own).
  • Statement Jewelry: You want to have at least 2-3 pieces of statement jewelry to spice up a simple outfit, so seek out bright pieces that will make your outfit more cheerful.

If you are missing some of these items, take our word and buy them as you will be using them more than you think you will. If you are looking to expand your wardrobe even more, here is an additional list of spring essentials to add this spring.


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