We all move at some point or another. Some of us more than others.

In fact one in six Americans move every year, according to the Census Bureau. The average American will move almost 12 times in their lifetime.

The frequency with which we relocate is in despite of how utterly agonizing it is to sort through and pack up your stuff, load it in a truck, lug it across town, store it, load it again and finally unpack and arrange it in your new pad.

Below are reactions to some of the most challenging moments you are likely to encounter during a move or self-storage rental:

1. When you first tell your friends that you are going to move.


2. When you get your friends to help you move, instead of you know, actual movers.


3. When you try to get everything in one load.

moving fail gif

4. When you realize the moving truck you rented is too small.

bigger boat gif

5. When your friends say they don’t have time to help you move.


6. When a friend actually agrees to help you move.


7. When your friend says they can help you move, but only eaaaaarly in the morning


8. When you can’t remember the gate code to your self-storage facility.


9. When you’ve tried every combination and still can’t remember the gate code.


10. When you realize you forget a box from your old place.


11. When a buddy asks if they can keep a couple things in your storage unit.


12. When you can’t remember which box you packed the plunger in.


13. When you finally find a self-storage facility that’s clean, open late, secure and in your neighborhood.


14. When you call a storage facility and they say they have one unit left.


15. When you realize too late you’ve never driven a moving truck before.


16. When you thought your friend’s dolly would help, but it just made things worse.


17. When you have to go to your self-storage unit to find just one thing.


18. When you give your friend too much free beer to help you move.


19. When you have to move all by yourself.


20. When you finally unload everything and get ready to unpack in your new crib.




Alexander Harris