Remember the days when we didn’t have online communities of reviewers to inform our searches for the best new video camera, a Hello Kitty toaster oven, or a storage unit to keep them in? We relied on magazines, word-of-mouth and (at the time) cheap gas to go out and experience businesses for ourselves.

But in 1999, Epinions started signing up its first online reviewers, kicking off a trend that has shaped business for the better. Since then, online review platforms like Yelp and Google Places have provided public forums from which consumers can speak to the businesses we patronize directly and constructively, leading to growth and empowerment on both sides of the equation. Meanwhile, reviews guide peers and neighbors toward the best (and away from the worst) businesses in town, saving everyone a lot of now-expensive gas.

Through reviewing your self-storage experience, for example, you can identify what you liked and didn’t like about the facility, with faith the owner or manager will take this feedback seriously. Self-storage facilities are in the business of pleasing their customers, so managers are quickly learning how online reviews can benefit their business. If they can make necessary changes to accommodate the feedback they’ve received, they’re likely to be rewarded with repeat business and better features to offer potential tenants. It’s mutually beneficial for the facility and the customer.

We make it pretty easy to find a self-storage unit, but we don’t want to take all the credit. Insightful reviews added to our site by current and previous tenants help guide fellow storage seekers to make the best decision with ease. When you leave your storage review on SpareFoot, you join a community of real customers. You’re actually contributing to the overall usefulness of the Internet, and society as a whole!

SpareFoot’s online review system is as simple as it gets. There’s no need to create an account or log in, or give us your address or first born. Simply find your facility on our site and click the Reviews tab. You’ll slide super-fun sliders to indicate your impression of price, location, security, service, and cleanliness, then leave some brief comments for future tenants to heed and enjoy. As an added incentive, you’ll have a chance to be selected as SpareFoot’s Reviewer of the Month and win a $100 Visa gift card!