When you bought your house, images of utilitarian delight danced through your head at the pure, unbridled possibilities presented by the basement. It was your own personal Manifest Destiny (minus the unfair labor practices, but we’ve moved beyond that by now). You were primed to expand your dreams and build a legacy. In fact, you were going to build an in-home bar called “The Legacy.” But as time passed, reality set in, and so too did box after box of stuff accumulated in that once-promising room.

Avast, clutter! With the help of self-storage, you’ll once again grasp the reigns of destiny. Here on the SpareFoot blog, we’re helping to steer that destiny with a few inspirational ideas for transforming a de-cluttered basement into your dream space.

Become the talk of the block with an in-home bar. “The Legacy” is your ticket to neighborhood fame, and it’s easier to accomplish than you’d think. Don’t assume you have to break the bank for a quality hang-out destination. A tight budget is a good excuse to get creative (for example, try turning an old dresser into a dry bar). Break out all those football posters, the neon Miller Light sign, and the dartboard your wife made you put in the attic, and stock your favorite beer. A pool table shouldn’t be too hard to find on Craigslist, and you can snag some sturdy barstools on the cheap from Ikea. If you’re taking the classy cocktail lounge approach, consult this cool mixed drink guide and assign fun, personalized names to your house cocktails.

Satisfy your inner film-buff with an in-home theater. Why diminish your movie-going experience with sticky seats and a loud audience? Thanks to self-storage, your cleared-out basement sets the perfect stage for a DIY in-home movie theater. Find a cheap, reliable projector on Newegg, and make sure to get extra bulbs. Track lighting is easily installed and provides excellent ambient light, but LED tubes are a great option on a budget. Pop that perfect batch of popcorn (we find stovetop popcorn is generally cheaper and tastier, and yields fewer annoying kernels), sit back and enjoy the show.

Turn a profit with a spare bedroom. You’ve been glimpsing at your basement with dollar signs in your eyes, and now that a storage unit has freed this space, it’s time to capitalize on it. Even if you don’t intend to rent out this bedroom, it will provide a nice boost to your property value. Along with all the necessary bedroom accouterments, remember to keep the decour bright and open, with plenty of lighting to counteract the natural subterranean atmosphere of a basement. Area rugs are an effective alternative to the costly and complicated carpeting process, and odds are you have some extras upstairs. If not, you’ll find all you need at a thrift store. If power outlets are hard to come by, use power strips and extension cords to get the most out of the basement’s electricity supply without having to hire an electrician. If you do plan on housing tenants, install a lock, a mini fridge, and phone and Internet connections.

Who knew this former junk pile could become the focal point of your neighborhood’s social sphere, a private movie venue, and a major boost to your property value? These are just a few of the possibilities made accessible with self-storage. Don’t let clutter stand in the way of your dream space— get your stuff out of there and into a storage unit today, then let your imagination run wild.