Kris Studebaker is a talented drummer hailing from the Drummers’ Collective in New York City. Though he just moved to Austin, TX in October 2010, he’s already making a name for himself here in the Live Music Capital of the World. He’s a drummer through-and-through, earning his keep teaching drum lessons at the Capital Music Center on Burnet.

Kris is currently involved in developing an Afro-beat band, which hopes to solidify its 11-piece lineup and record an EP over the winter.

As a drummer, maintaining a good relationship with your neighbors isn’t easy. “I realized that I liked my neighbors and I didn’t want to tick them off by practicing the drums next door,” Kris recalled.

Instead of renting out a practice studio, Kris wanted something cheap, stable and easily accessible. He soon found himself at East Central Storage, which exclusively houses musical tenants. Amongst East Central alumni is the locally famous Rattletree Marimba, who rented out multiple units for practice as well as instrument maintenance.

Kris said he enjoys his relationship with the self-storage owner. “I can get as loud and as crazy as I want,” he said, adding that 24-hour access affords invaluable flexibility for his schedule. He advises musicians looking for storage to seek out independently owned, “mom and pop” storage facilities that will be more open to a musical atmosphere.

Though he teaches over 50 students full-time, Kris still finds time to get involved in Austin’s vibrant music scene. He is an active member of Austin Samba School, a collective of over 100 drummers and dancers performing the musical traditions of Brazil. Kris encourages everyone to look for Austin Samba School at Palmer Events Center in February, where they will hold their annual Carnaval celebration.