The New Year is around the corner, and many Americans will resolve to lose a few pounds. But there’s one resolution that’s easier to stick with — and may help you lose weight too. Today, we released survey results showing that 39 percent of Americans feel they need a clutter diet® more than a food diet in 2017.

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And, the holidays don’t help with our national clutter problem. In fact, according to our recent holiday survey, 79 percent of the population say they never use some of their gifts. On average, more than one in four gifts go unused.

1 in 4 gifts go unused

While your initial urge might be to dispose of an unwanted gift, chances are you won’t. More than 57 percent of Americans have kept a gift they received from someone because they felt guilty getting rid of it.

However, getting rid of things you don’t need may do more than declutter your home — it will likely lead to a healthier diet as well. According to our survey, 44 percent of Americans say they make unhealthier food choices when their home is messy, and more than half the population (and 72 percent of millennials) agree that getting their home organized would help get their diet back on track.

More than half say getting home organized would get diet on track

The Clutter Diet® online program, based on the bestselling book, is one solution. The program provides affordable consulting from organizing experts and has helped thousands of people in 18 countries around the world. The website allows you to upload photos and get personal help online from their organizing team to reach your decluttering goals.

Check out the full infographic for more motivation to get rid of clutter for a healthier you:

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  1. So sad that so many gifts go unused. I find this all the time when I’m helping my clients declutter and it makes it so hard for them to let go of the item because “it was a gift”. I completely agree on the links between weight and clutter… they definitely go hand in hand.

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