So your neighborhood association left you a passive-aggressive note demanding immediate removal of all your holiday decorations (how do they know you still have a tree in the living room?), so it’s time to make your quarterly venture into the attic. Grabbing a ladder from your newly decluttered garage, you begin to think about the noises that periodically seep through the ceiling. Is your attic haunted? Have the neighborhood cats moved in? Whoever is up there, they sure seem to be enjoying themselves. And if ghosts and cats can throw a slamming attic party amidst the chaotic debris of unused sports equipment, moth-eaten clothes, and broken suitcases, think of the fun you could have in a freshly clean and remodeled attic space!*

At this point of the year, the weather has nowhere to go but hot. Take action while temperature still allows. Throw away what you don’t need, and use your self-storage unit for the rest. To get you started, here are a few remodeling ideas:

Get studious in your personal library/home office.
You’re a bookworm to the highest degree, but your “to read” stack is steadily growing for want of a suitable reading nook. The attic provides a secluded and insulated retreat perfectly tailored for a quiet study session. Make sure to install sufficient lighting for comfortable reading. Stick with medium-to-small furniture to conserve space (it’ll make moving in much easier as well), but an exception can be made for your comfy reading chair. Check out these attic offices for inspiration.

Class it up with vaulted ceilings.
Maybe you aren’t interested in a big remodeling project. Maybe you’re feeling destructive instead. Depending on the layout of your house, you might consider opening up part of your attic to create vaulted ceilings for your living room. Vaulted ceilings add spaciousness and refinement to your home, and you can install some sky lights to brighten things up.

Rock out in a private music studio.
Your family just isn’t enjoying your living room jam sessions like they used to. Time for your creative energy to literally burst through the ceiling and into your new attic practice space. Remember to beef up the insulation; you may be churning out solid gold rock nuggets all night long, but your loyal fans will appreciate them more after a good night’s sleep.

Remodeling an attic is a little more work and more cost-intensive than similar projects in your garage or basement. Consult an architect for a structural assessment of your attic space, and check out this helpful guide for attic remodeling basics. Your main concerns will be insulation, lighting, wiring and accessibility, and these factors will vary according to the type and size of the house, when it was built, and where you live.

*Before utilizing self-storage to achieve your goals, SpareFoot advises you consult with any ghostly entities who have taken residence in your attic. We hate the thought of any of our readers suffering paranormal harassment as the result of decluttering ventures inspired by this post. Should negotiations fail, we suggest:


  • Keep salt in your pockets at all times, or
  • Don’t believe in ghosts.