We here at SpareFoot love dispensing sage wisdom to help you get organized.

By getting organized, and eliminating unnecessary clutter, you will have taken the first steps towards a healthier you—both physically and mentally. To help you continue on our journey of personal improvement into 2017, we’ve compiled some of the best advice from the last year:


Simplify Your Wardrobe

Is your closet overflowing with outdated, worn-out, or poorly fitting garments? Chances are you are due for a trip to the donation bin. Once you’ve combed through your closet, it’s time to stick to basics in 2017:

  • Eliminate the items you don’t use often
  • Focus on curating a simple, basic wardrobe that both represents who you are and makes your life easier
  • Hold on to durable, classic pieces in neutral colors or colors you wear often.

Check out How to Rotate Your Wardrobe For Spring for more tips.

Owner training Golden Retriever dog on grass, giving paw

Organize Your Pets

If you have a pet, especially more than one, you should know by now how chaotic wrangling them can be. Get a handle on your furry friends now to ensure a year of peaceful coexistence.

Organizing For Living With Multiple Pets is chock full of advice, that’s good for even single pet parents, including: buying appropriate furniture, preventing muddy paws, keeping air fresh, and separating eating areas.

Toddler sitting in cluttered room at home

Reclaim Your Rooms

Perhaps you spent all of 2016 buying bins, sorting, donating and getting your home super-organized. Chances are you still have an extra room in your house that you are using as a storage unit.

A SpareFoot survey last year found that 93 percent of Americans have at least one room in their home that is a depository for assorted clutter. Not cool. Instead motivate yourself to declutter by deciding how you and your family will enjoy the reclaimed room.


Create Garage Zones

SpareFoot also learned last year that almost half of Americans can’t park their car in their garage because of clutter. Face the challenge of cleaning up your garage by creating zones: tools, hobbies, sports and so on. Use hooks and vertical pegboards to bring order to your garage zones. For more, read Honk if You Hoard: Take Back Your Garage From Clutter.

Family In Kitchen Doing Chores And Using Digital Devices

Put Down Your Phone and Get Ready

If your family mastered the morning routine when the kids went back to school, don’t get derailed after Christmas break. Keep you and your kids routine on track by limiting computer, phone and gadget use in the mornings.

No Snapchat or Facebook until after you are dressed, eaten breakfast and taken care of any other early morning duties. This will make sure you are on time and the rest of your day is too.


First in First Out

In our post Tips From The Top: How to Organize Your Kitchen Like a Chef, Portland-based executive chef Anh Luu shared with us a timeless piece of advice for keeping your fridge and pantry organized: rotate your stock. Put the older cereal boxes in the front, and put the new ones you just bought in the back. Follow first in, first out and you hopefully won’t accidentally chow down on any expired foods ever again.


Organize Your Entryway

Do you always find yourself losing or forgetting things? SpareFoot found that Americans spend more than 100 hours a year looking for lost items. Save yourself time and and energy by getting the entryway to your home organized. Create a designated home for your wallet, keys, phone or any frequently misplaced items. For more tips on combating forgetfulness, check out Where Did I Put That? 6 Tips for Finding Lost Items in Your Home.


One Simple Trick

We are eternally grateful for the philosophical insight organizer Peter Walsh brings to the table. Walsh shared with our readers the one simple trick to staying organized: put it away when you are done. It is common sense, but easy to forget. For more on why this is so effective, be sure to read the whole article, One Simple Trick to Help Messy Millennials Get Organized.


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