Storage can be an invaluable service during times of upheaval. It was with a heavy heart that Shelley Rossi and husband Tony began searching for a storage unit to manage the belongings of her recently deceased mother. While self-storage is the last thing she wanted to worry about, it was a necessary step.

Fortunately, SpareFoot was able to ease the pain of the storage finding process by helping Shelly link up with a Storquest facility in her area. Discounts were her initial priority, but Shelly said her search ended up focusing on many other factors. Storquest’s location near her home ultimately tipped the decision.

“They were not the least expensive, but were very clean and secure and worth a little extra for the proximity,” she explained.

While Shelley and her familiy plan to continue using their Storquest storage unit, she feels there is room for improvement, citing space efficiency as an issue for most facilities. “The units are much taller than they are deep or long,” she said. So renters new to storage should be aware that well-planned stacking and installed shelving help maximize space considerably.

Shelley recommends future tenants consider location, on-site security, cleanliness and hours of operation in your own quest for storage, as opposed to only focusing on price. Furthermore, she suggests asking the facility staff about their history of break-ins or thefts. And it’s always useful to visit your unit before signing a contract, if at all possible.

Shelley’s storage review on SpareFoot is a great example of the potential for open discourse between the facility and its tenants. While Shelley’s storage experience has been positive overall, her SpareFoot review brought to light an information privacy issue with one of Storquest’s mass emails. A representative from Storquest promptly addressed her complaint, taking accountability for the email glitch and assuring tenants that the issue had since been addressed.

If you feel that your storage facility can perform better, Shelley’s review shows that customer feedback can garner tangible results. Providing a review of your facility’s services gives facility owners and managers direct insight into improvements that could be made, and it enables a direct line of communication between you and them.

SpareFoot thanks Shelley for her review and insight, and congratulates her for winning our $100 Visa gift card prize. If you reserved storage with SpareFoot, you’re encouraged to leave a review of your own experience to be automatically entered in next month’s prize drawing.