Along with a big change in weather, spring offers a fresh new start and positive changes. Spring cleaning is a great way to get organized and improve your home’s look and feel.

If you’re looking to do some spring cleaning of your own, you may be wondering how long it takes to properly clean. Well – it depends on your own lifestyle. SpareFoot recently conducted a survey that found 24 percent of Americans say they knock out their spring cleaning in less than a day, but most people (54 percent) say they spend more than a day cleaning, with the average American setting aside four days to spring cleaning.

Considering that everyone operates by their own schedule, here are some spring cleaning checklists you can use no matter how much time you have to dedicate to the annual chore.

spring cleaning checklist for people too busy to spring clean

What to Do If You Have One Day to Clean

If you’re in a hurry and only have one day to do your spring cleaning – don’t worry, it’s possible to get the job done. One day of cleaning can give you the chance to tidy up each room in your home so it looks and feels better. Are you looking for a way to maximize your time so that you can get as much cleaning done as possible? The American Cleaning Institute recommends doing your cleaning room-by-room, and task-by-task. Working on each cleaning project separately can allow you to get the job done faster.  Here are some ideas for how to spend your day cleaning:

  • Vacuum and dust each room to get rid of allergens, dirt, and other particles.
  • Organize piles of paper and find a home for misplaced items.
  • Clean up entranceways, so that you don’t continue to drag in dirt.

Even with only one day, you can still get a lot of cleaning done.

What to Do If You Have 1-2 Days to Clean

With 1-2 days available, you can tackle a bit more. This can be a great way to fully maximize a weekend away from work.  Here are some ideas to consider if you’re looking to dedicate an upcoming weekend to a cleaning spree:

  • Clean and organize the inside of your refrigerator – this can make for a healthy environment for your food.
  • Good Housekeeping suggests carefully wiping off cabinets and their handles to get rid of grease build up and dirt.
  • Make a list of all of your cleaning goals so that you can spread them out between days.

Clean up a refrigerator

What to Do If You Have 3-6 Days to Clean

If you have several days to dedicate to cleaning, you’re in luck – there’s plenty of time to make big and lasting improvements to your home. You can focus certain days to different rooms in order to maximize your results. Here are some tips to help you better succeed with several days of cleaning:

  • Get rid of unwanted household items, clothing, and trash so you have more room and less clutter.
  • Have your family members get involved – there’s plenty of time for each member of your family to focus on their own task list and goals.
  • This is a great chance for you to really clean flooring. Consider renting carpet cleaning equipment and carefully mopping all other floor surfaces. This can get rid of stains and smells, and make your home look so much better.

This is a perfect amount of time to get the job done well. You’ll see big improvements after spending several days working on your cleaning routine.

Man cleans the carpet with a vacuum cleaner

What to Do If You Have a Week or More to Clean

You may think that a week is too long of a time period of spring cleaning – but that’s not the case. This gives you plenty of days to tackle your entire list of cleaning tasks. It also gives you a chance to add more tasks as you see fit. Here are some tips to make your weeklong cleaning more of a win:

  • Don’t forget about closets – go through them and tidy them up instead of “hiding” items.
  • Clean baseboards and doors to eliminate added dust and germs.
  • Spend some time organizing and cleaning up your attic, basement, or other overlooked areas.
  • Set daily goals and reward yourself with plenty of breaks.

A week or more isn’t too much time to clean – it gives you a chance to take proper breaks, and find new cleaning goals to achieve.

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