If you’re a friend of ours on Facebook, you probably already saw photos of our new office space in downtown Austin. The new SpareFoot World Headquarters is as fun as it looks— part bar, part business, total tech haven.

Our building, the Perry Brooks Tower, was built in the 1930s and was Austin’s tallest building at one time. We opted to keep a gastropub aesthetic alive in our suite. Our Kegerator, full bar, 18’ shuffleboard table, Foosball table, beer pong table and dart board allow for a seamless transition into after-hours merriment.

“Games are everywhere. We’re a competitive bunch and the company itself is very competitive,” said Jeffrey, our Designer/Developer who helped plan the new office’s look and feel. “That ambition trickles down into our meetings; everyone is vying to get their ideas onto the table. We always pick a winner by which idea is going to get us the farthest.”

Most importantly, we abolished cubicles and doored offices in favor of a unique open workstation plan. SpareFoot yellow paint wall accents (hex code #FFCC00) add a shot of identity throughout.

“It instills a team spirit that we were lacking in our old office. There’s a locker-room effect, because the space is so branded you feel a true ownership over it,” Jeffrey explained.

To help bring the history of our urban surroundings into the interior, we worked with local architectural/interior design firm S.Tipton Studios to repurpose 99% of materials. Many materials, including an actual industrial pull-down storage unit door, are cheekily reminiscent of the storage facilities our company serves.

“Our founders are eco-minded, frugal people, and we’re proud so much of the office is repurposed,” Jeffrey said.

We installed grid lighting for overall sleek-geek style, and commissioned local graffiti artist Sloke to paint a unique mural on the front wall. The results are stunning, zany and functional.

We pay homage to Co-Founders Chuck and Mario with a low-pixel vintage Super Mario mural and sushi-inspired conference rooms, named for Chuck’s culinary obsession and our sake bomb initiation tradition for new team members.

“Most of us stay at the office more than we stay at our houses.” —Mario, Co-Founder and COO

TVs broadcasting our real-time custom analytics dashboards are posted around the space to transparently share company performance with employees. There are a ridiculous number of white boards for constant collaboration. We poke fun at a time-honored office tradition with our time zone clock wall, featuring clocks set to the local time in eight Texas cities (all hometowns of SpareFoot employees, all in CST).

“For the employees who started very early on, this feels like a huge milestone in the life of the company,” Jeffrey said. “We’ve earned a shuffleboard table in the office.”