If you have a passion for playing pool, you’ll want your pool table to come along on your next move.

And transporting it carefully is key to ensure its safe arrival.

“Pool is mostly a game of precision,” explains Dustyn Ferguson, owner of Billiard Lux. “An improper installation can prove to throw off your game.”

how to move and store a pool table

Follow these steps to make sure your pool table stays in great condition during a move:

Disassembly and Reassembly

The two most important factors to consider when moving a pool table are the disassembly and reassembly, points out Dejon Reid, vice president of sales at FlatRate Moving.

The average pool table weighs between 650 and 900 pounds, and ranges from seven feet to nine feet in length.

“A pool table may seem large, bulky and thus, not fragile,” said Ferguson. “But in fact a pool table can prove to be fragile, especially once you start taking it apart and moving it.”

Disassembling a pool table requires:

  • Removing the corner and side pockets.
  • Detaching the rails.
  • Removing the felt
  • Separate the slate from the table,
  • Take apart the legs and frame

“Getting the table up and out of the room can be time-consuming and frustrating if you don’t frequently do it,” adds Ferguson.

Reassembling the table generally consists of putting all of the pieces back together. You’ll also need to make sure the table is level.

In most cases, you’ll want to bring in professional help. And if you opt to try it yourself, ask friends to help move the heavy pieces and label all of the parts.

Hiring Help

“There are movers that advertise the moving of pool tables specifically,” says Ferguson. “If they’ve got great reviews, it might be the easiest way to go about the move.”

And while some moving companies will help you with the disassembly of a pool table, others may request that a pool table specialist prepare the pieces for a move. They might also ask to have a third party help with the reassembly of it at your new place.

Call around to check on estimates, which could range from several hundred to several thousand dollars, depending on your pool table’s size.

If stairs are involved to move the pool table, the total cost could be impacted, adds Reid. Also, if you’re moving to a different state or across the country, expect to pay higher charges than what you would spend for a local move.

Friends Playing Pool

Consider Replacement Costs

When budgeting for the transfer, “determine the value of the table on the local market,” suggests Richard Montgomery, founder of DearMonty.com and son of a former billiard room owner.

Montgomery recently moved a Brunswick Gold Crown Centennial model from Green Bay, WA, to Nashville, TN

“The table was circa 1960 and in excellent condition, and a new one is around $11,500,” he explains. The cost to disassemble, pack, ship, and reassemble came to less than $2,000.

“True antique tables in good condition are a no-brainer,” adds Montgomery.

Store Properly If Needed

Before taking your pool table to your next home, make sure there’s a spot where it will fit comfortably.

“Assuming the typical cue stick is 58 inches in length, you should have at least five feet of extra space surrounding your table in every direction,” explains Ferguson.

If the new place won’t have room for your pool table, but you still want to keep it for future use, storage may be the best route.

To keep everything in good condition, wrap all of the pieces and use a wood crate, advises Yuval Beton, operations manager at Oz Moving & Storage.

Also opt for a climate-controlled unit, as keeping the table away from heat and humidity will avoid any mildew or warping issues later on.

Finally, Here Is What NOT to Do

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