The often low-key schedule of summer presents an ideal time to tackle projects that will give your place – and energy levels – a significant boost.

For many, as the temperatures warm up, “there’s an excitement about refreshing the home,” explains David Hauslaib, chief concierge officer at Greystone Relocation Concierge.

Read on for ideas on how to revamp spaces throughout your living area this summer.

top decluttering projects to tackle this summer

1. Freshen Up the Kitchen.

If you tend to grill more during the warm months, make sure the utensils you’ll need are clean and easy to reach. Replace outdated spices and condiments with fresh alternatives.

Also look at your cooking appliances, suggests Olivia Joyce, marketing director at Move Out Mates.

“The slow cooker will probably gather quite a lot of dust, so why not put it away during the hot months.”

Neat garage tool hanging storage

2. Recharge the Garage.

If the space holds just about everything except a vehicle, set aside a weekend to reclaim the room. Put up shelves or hooks to keep summer gear in order. Throw out broken shovels and toys; then put equipment you no longer use, like an extra lawn mover, for sale online.

3. Sort Winter Gear. 

Go through pockets of coats and purses to look for lost gloves.

“Dump any missing a match,” suggests Kelly McMenamin, co-owner of PixiesDidIt! and author of Organize your Way: Simple Strategies for Every Personality.

Get rid of any hat, scarf or sweater that itches.

“Life’s too short to be miserable and cold next winter,” adds McMenamin.

4. Store School Papers.

Look at the worksheets and projects you saved during the previous school year. Pare down the stack to items you want to remember for years to come. Then put the collection in a portfolio, folder, or storage bin.

resort style bedroom with white sheet, brown and blue pillow

5. Repurpose a Bedroom.

If you have a child who will be going to college in the fall, make his bedroom guest-ready. Try fitting two twin beds in the space to accommodate additional family members.

Or turn a room into an office.

“Every home needs an office whether you own a business or not – a quiet spot to house your bills, pay your bills or get to emails,” notes Lisa Gessert, professional organizer and productivity consultant at

6. Get the Basement in Order.

If the area downstairs has turned into an indoor storage shed, tackle the space as a family. Get rid of tax returns from 20 years ago that you no longer need, as well as baby clothes, unused golf clubs, or old bikes. Then set up an entertainment room you can enjoy year-round.

7. Make a Pool or Beach Station.

Designate a spot for towels, a beach bag, sunscreen, flip flops and chairs, suggests Gessert. When you head out for a swim, it will be easy to grab what you need. After washing items, return them to the same place so they’re ready the next time the beach calls.

Brown Garden Furniture at Veranda

8. Organize the Porch.

“I love using deck boxes for outdoor storage,” explains Gessert. “They come in handy for storing all your backyard stuff quickly in case of bad weather.”

Gather up the blankets, pillow and toys you want to keep in a box, and then purchase a size your supplies can easily fit in.

9. Tackle the Garden Shed.

“Sheds get cluttered like everything else, especially with old tools, plastic pots and flats, and sometimes even plants,” explains Joyce.

By going through a shed’s items in summer, you’ll be able to see what tools you’re using, as well as what needs to be replaced.

“Decluttering the garden shed will boost your motivation to take better care of your plants,” adds Joyce.


Rachel Hartman