If you’re getting ready to relocate and want to take your hot tub with you, you’ll need to take certain steps to prevent damage.

“Moving a hot tub of any size is no easy task,” says Dustin Montgomery, digital marketing specialist for Shippers Supplies.

Follow these guidelines to shift the hot tub to its new location and keep it in working condition.

how to move and store a 6 person hot tub

1. Disconnect the Tub

Turn off the electricity from the circuit breaker box to the hot tub’s outlet.

If the tub has a cover, now is the time to take it off.

Then find the electrical connection on the hot tub. If there are screws keeping the electrical cord connections in place, loosen them until you can pull the wires away from the tub. Most hot tubs contain a black wire, as well as a red wire and a green wire.

Once the wires are pulled away, unplug the hot tub’s cord from the wall outlet. Put it in a safe spot and add a label to keep track of it during the move.

2. Remove the Water

“Fully drain all the water from the plumbing and air channels,” says Jay Labelle, owner of The Cover Guy.

If some water is still left, use a wet-dry vacuum to get it out of the tub.

Making sure the hot tub is dry helps prevent future wear and tear.

“This is particularly important if you are moving your hot tub for means of storage and live in a climate that experiences temperatures below freezing,” says Labelle. “If you do not properly remove the remaining water from all channels, the lines could encounter ice buildup that threatens to damage the internal systems of your hot tub.”

3. Gather Help

Hot tubs can weigh an average of 800 pounds a piece, and need to be handled with care when moving. If you’re moving on your own, you’ll likely need four friends to help lift the tub.

When using professional help, “confirm that your moving company will be able to move an item like this,” suggests John Tarko, president of Moving Ahead Moving & Storage.

4. Wrap It Up

To avoid damage while shifting locations, wrap the tub in moving blankets and then secure with stretch wrap.

“The blankets should be long enough to cross over the top of the tub, acting as a cover,” explains Tarko.

5. Use a Dolly

Placing a hot tub on carpeted dollies will make it easier to transport it from your home or backyard on to a truck.

To get the tub on the dollies, start by lifting up one side and setting it on a dolly. Then continue with the other side, lifting it onto another dolly.

For moves that require going up or down several stairs, you’ll want to use an appliance dolly with two straps on it.

“If you do not use dollies in this process you run a higher risk of hurting yourself or someone else due to the weight of the hot tub,” explains Montgomery.

6. Transport Carefully

“Once the hot tub is lifted onto the truck via lift gate or ramp, it should be strapped against the wall of the truck,” notes Tarko.

This will ensure it doesn’t move around while the truck is in motion.

7. Store With Care

If you are moving the hot tub to a self-storage unit, keep it wrapped in moving blankets and secured with stretch wrap to prevent scratches,” Tarko says, “Keep the hot tub cover separate and wrap in blankets and stretch wrap as well.”

Rachel Hartman