With 90+ degree temperatures being felt all around the country, the sweltering summer season is officially here. And what’s better than jumping into a refreshing pool? It got us thinking: Which cities are most ideal for year-round splashing into a community pool?

Based on their independent data, The Trust for Public Land recently identified the cities in America with the most community pools per 100,000 residents. To determine our final ranking, we combined stats from the Trust for Public Land’s 2017 City Park Facts and Current Results’ Average Annual Sunshine Data.

Here are the top 10 best cities for finding a community pool ranked:

10. Pittsburgh, PA



With its 19 total community pools such as Highland Park Swimming Pool, you won’t find it hard to find a community in pool in Pittsburgh. But you might have a harder time waiting for a nice, sunny day with Pittsburgh’s 59 average sunny days per year. Be sure to take advantage of those long summer days!

9. Henderson, NV



Henderson, with a whopping 210 average sunny days, earns a deserved spot on our list. While it may not have as many community pools as other cities, its year-round pools like Henderson Multigenerational Outdoor Competition Pool and the Heritage Park Aquatic Complex more than make up for its “shortage” of community pools.

8. Denver, CO



Denver’s combination of cosmopolitan living, proximity to world-class recreational opportunities, and a strong economy have made the Mile High City a mecca for everyone from startup geeks to entrepreneurial stoners. Denver has a distinct “outdoorsy chic” vibe that is unique among United States cities. It’s no surprise to find Denver on our list with its 29 swimming pools and 115 sunny days per year.

7. Omaha, NE



Omaha has 22 options to choose from for your aquatic experience such as leisure pools or traditional pools. To further enhance recreational swimming, the city offers “Learn to Swim” classes, lifeguard training, and water aerobics year round.

6. Philadelphia, PA



Summer weather in Philadelphia ranges from pleasantly warm to unbearable, the heat compounded by extreme humidity. It’s highly suggested to befriend a local with a beach or mountain house, but if you’re in a crunch, Philly’s 74 community pools should do the trick.

5. Atlanta, GA



The city’s oft-used “HOT-lanta” moniker is evidence of its balmy temperatures. That said, each of the seasons are unique, yielding brilliant summers, vibrant fall leaves, chilly winters and a proliferation of spring flowers. As a result, Atlanta presents itself with plenty of opportunities to relax by a pool throughout the Spring and Summer months.

4. Cincinnati, OH



The Cincinnati Recreation Commission has been providing swimming opportunities for most of its 80+ year history in neighborhoods throughout the city. From shallow water pools built during the Great Depression to modern water parks, CRC has a safe and convenient way for Cincinnatians to play, learn to swim and cool off during the summer months.

3. Tucson, AZ



The only city on our list whose temperatures average 73 degrees or higher for 3/4 of the year, Tucson ranks 3rd on our list thanks to its abundance of community pools and an average of 193 sunny days.

2. Washington, D.C.



Summers are balmy thanks to the swamp D.C. was built on. Swimmers pop out as soon as the weather warms up, and there are more than enough swimming pools in D.C. to keep the recreational swimmer happy throughout the year.

1. Cleveland, OH



With its 42 indoor and outdoor public pools, and an average of 66 sunny days per year, Cleveland ranks first on our list. One of the city’s most popular pools, Ledge Pool in Hinckley is part of Cleveland Metroparks, celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. This 80 by 100-foot pool, along with Cleveland’s other great pools, are an excellent place to cool down over the summer!

Roger Telosa