How do you move a glass-top table? Very carefully.

But seriously, moving glass top tables isn’t difficult, but it does require special attention.

“It takes a couple extra minutes to prevent weeks of frustration trying to find a replacement piece of glass,” said Tom Deladurantey, general manager of You Move Me Atlanta.

how to move a glass table without breaking it

Follow these guidelines to avoid broken glass:

1. Remove the Top

Even if the glass appears to be sturdy or thick, it’s best to take it off the base it rests on. Some table tops simply lift off the bottom of the table or piece. Others are screwed in.

Look to see how the top is attached and then use a screwdriver or other hand tool to carefully remove the glass.

“If the piece is expensive, hire a furniture moving service,” recommends John Linden, the lead designer at Mirror Coop, a glass studio. Many white glove furniture services will pick up and move fragile pieces for a small fee.

2. Wrap it Well

Once you have removed the glass top, wrap it in moving blankets. Use enough blankets so that the covering is at least two blankets thick all around the piece.

After that, wrap the blankets in bubble wrap. If you use tape to hold the wrap together, make sure it doesn’t touch the glass top. If you end up with too much tape on the glass, a residue can be left behind when you remove the table.

3. Use a Box

If you have a telescopic box or picture box that the glass top will fit in, place the piece inside carefully. If you don’t have a box at home, you can order one online or make your own.

To create your own cardboard covering, take a wardrobe box or other large cardboard box and flatten it. Then slide the mirror into it from the side.

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4. Transport Properly

While carrying the glass top and placing it on the truck, keep it on its side, just as if it were a mirror hanging on the wall.

“Glass based purely on its molecular structure can withstand the strain of moving much better when kept on its side,” explains Deladurantey.

Once on the truck, consider strapping the glass directly to a side wall. Place padding around it to keep it from cracking. Also make sure there isn’t anything with a hard surface packed close to the table top.

5. Store Carefully

If you are going to store a glass table top, do not place it directly against another piece of glass. If you do, a small bit of dirt or grime in between the layers of glass could create scratches.

Instead, keep the table top cushioned with blankets and bubble wrap. Use a cardboard covering for extra protection.

Do not store anything heavy on top of the glass while it is in storage. If possible, store the table on its side and in an area where it is well padded.

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