Moving in either extreme heat or cold isn’t probably your first choice. However, if you have to choose between 100-degree temps or zero-degree temps on the day of your move, what side of the fence are you on?

According to a recent SpareFoot survey58 percent of people said they would rather move in bone-chilling zero-degree weather while the other 42 percent would choose a scorching 100-degree day.

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“What you choose really comes down to your upbringing and tolerance to climate,” said Ginger Guerra, owner of Las Vegas-based Organized by Ginger.

If you choose to move in the peak summer heat, you are in the minority.

Cities With the Most 100 Degree Days

Phoenix tops the charts racking up 107 days a year above 99 degrees. Las Vegas is the runner-up with 70 days a year, followed by Riverside, CA, with 24 days.

Rounding out the top 10 are:

Dallas – 17 days

Austin, TX – 16 days

Sacramento – 11 days

Oklahoma City – 11 days

San Antonio – 8 days

Salt Lake City – 5 days

Houston – 4 days

Kansas City, MO – 3 days

For more popular cities facing rising temperatures check out our article on America’s “Hottest Hottest” Cities.

If you are moving in hot weather, follow these tips to stay safe and cool:

1. Plan Ahead

“If possible, do the move over a couple of days to take advantage of cooler mornings,” advised Janel Ralat, owner of Las Vegas-based One Organized Mama , who helps people move in triple-digit desert heat.

2. Make Arrangements for Pets and Kids

“Finding sitters for each will allow you to focus on the move and not make them susceptible to the dangerous heat,” Ralat said.

3.  Purge and Declutter

“Get as much of the tossing and donating done before the big moving day. This will lighten your load, save you money and be less work on moving day,” Ralat said.

4. Make Sure Utilities are Turned on Before Moving Day

“Make sure the air-conditioning is working. Have someone check it – like your real estate agent– if you’re coming from out of town,” said Nancy Nemitz, owner of Phoenix- based Create the Space .

“Also, the refrigerator will be useful in keeping items cold during the day,” Ralat added.

5. Hire Professional Movers to Do the Heavy Lifting

“Know thyself and your limits in this extreme climate,” Guerra advised. “If you’re not used to exerting this much energy in this heat, hire a professional. Remember inside the truck can be 150 degrees.”

6. Remember Timing is Crucial

“Get as early of a start as possible,” Ralat said. “Take a break during the hottest part of the day and resume when the sun goes down.”

7. Stay Hydrated

“Have plenty of water and ice in your cooler and don’t drink pop, beer or wine, which are dehydrating,” Nemitz said.

8. Be Mindful When Packing Heat-Sensitive Items

“Candles are notorious for melting onto other items,” Ralat noted. “Pack items that could melt separately or consider just purchasing new ones after you move.”

She said other heat-sensitive items to consider:

  • Batteries
  • Food
  • Medicine
  • Cosmetics
  • Crayons
  • Electronics

“Don’t leave your cell phone, laptop or computers in the vehicle,” as they can quickly become overheated, Nemitz said.

“A lot of things melt or break down in this level of heat,” Guerra added. “When you pack, you should be thinking: will this survive in extreme heat?”

9. Last In—First Out

When loading the moving truck, consider putting heat-sensitive items on the truck at the very last moment and quickly unloading them as soon as you get to your new house,” Ralat said.


Liz Wolf
Liz is a freelancer writer based in Minneapolis, MN.