A ticket stub from your first concert. A mysterious photo found in a thrift store. A pinecone from a famous author’s home.

Whatever it is, we all hold on to certain things that hold special meaning to us. What is that one object that you would never part with under any circumstances?

In our latest video series, we asked a few people around the office to bring in their favorite “stuff” for a little show and tell. As you will see, the things we cherish and why, reveal a lot about who we are and what we value both as individuals and as human beings in general:

We would love to see your “stuff” as well!

Just upload a video on YouTube or any social platform, tag us @sparefoot (Instagram, Twitter Facebook, Pinterest) and use the hashtag #ShowUsYourStuff.

Don’t want to make a video? Just take a photo of your “stuff” and write a few words about why it is important to you!

Tell us what your “stuff” means to you and we will share the most thoughtful (or hilarious) responses.

Future episodes will go more in depth into the backstories behind some of the items featured in the first episode. Subscribe to watch them all!

Special thanks to Brett Chauvière for composing our theme music!

Alexander Harris