Spring is in the air. It’s the season for April showers, May flowers, and for many homes across the nation, Spring Cleaning. This was what led Sandra Faulkner of Portland, Oregon to seek self-storage, and what eventually led to her SpareFoot review of her new storage home at the local Money Saver Storage.

Sandra began her storage venture as a short-term solution to aid her home reorganization efforts. “There were some things I definitely wanted to keep, but I didn’t have quite enough room,” she said. Always ready for the pun, she added, “I needed a ‘Spare Foot,’ if you will.”

Though her intentions for self-storage were for the short haul, Sandra’s self-storage search was thorough and methodical. “I spent several weeks searching around and looking at specials and locations,” she said. Her requirements were simple— a small unit close to home for easy access during her decluttering efforts. When she found SpareFoot’s partner site SelfStorage.com in a Google search, Sandra was able to comparison shop a number of facilities in her area that fit those needs.

That didn’t necessarily make the search easier for her. Of the three facilities she was able to narrow in on, Sandra said each site had a friendly, knowledgeable staff and comparable amenities. In the end, Sandra was able to make her decision based on Money Saver’s springtime promotions and excellent customer service.

Sandra admitted the extra space has been a huge relief and the longer she holds on to her unit, the more tempting it is to stay. “As time passes I can see myself having new reasons to use storage,” she said. With a reasonable rate and a convenient location, she’s pretty relaxed about her move-out date.

Sandra has used self-storage in the past, so she had sage advice to offer self-storage newbies. First, research your options thoroughly. “Nowadays you can do the whole process online, locate and reserve and pay without ever going there,” Sandra explained.

But even if the price is reasonable and the rental process is simple and fast, it’s important to be able to trust a facility with treasured belongings. Call and visit the facilities to gauge customer service and security.

“You’ll have a better result in the long-term if you take more time in the beginning to make sure the facility and managers are agreeable to you,” she said.

Many thanks to Sandra for providing her self-storage perspecitve, and congratulations for her reward of $100 for being Reviewer of the Month! If you’ve found a storage unit through SpareFoot or SelfStorage.com, remember to leave a review for your own chance at riches and the spotlight.

Photo courtesy of Money Saver Storage