We all know someone who could use a helping hand tidying up and keeping their stuff neatly organized, if not yourself. While getting organized might seem like a lost cause for some, we’ve pulled together some of the best organization products and resources we could find.

For those that struggle with organization, sometimes all it takes is a little motivation. While getting any of these products for someone might be a not-so-subtle hint that you think they are slob, we’re pretty sure that they will appreciate your honesty. Who knows? They might actually use them and become the organized individual you always knew they could be!


Let It Go: Downsizing Your Way to a Richer, Happier Life by Peter Walsh. You may have seen Peter Walsh on Rachel Ray or Oprah (or maybe on our our blog), and if you have you’ll know that he has a unique way of getting right down to the emotional root of what makes people clutterbugs. He also has a knack for helping his clients deal with those issues in a constructive way so that they can become more organized.

The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning: How to Free Yourself and Your Family from a Lifetime of Clutter by Margareta Magnussun.  We can’t wait to read this upcoming book, which could spur the next decluttering craze, much like Marie Kondo’s Spark Joy did a few years ago. Magnussun writes about the Swedish tradition of döstädning, which is essentially getting rid of all your junk before you die. While it may seem morbid at first blush, the book is actually said to be filled with humor and uplifting thoughts. You won’t be able to get it by Christmas, but you can pre-order it ahead of its January 2 release date.

Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives by Tim Hartford. Okay, this one is for those who are truly hopelessly disorganized. For some, disorder might not be a bad thing after all. The book explores the connection between messiness and creativity, and makes the case for embracing chaos citing research from a wide variety of fields.

High-Tech Solutions

Chipolo Plus Item Finder. One of the curses of being disorganized is losing your stuff, all the freaking time. Chipolo is one of several new tracking devices to hit the market that work in conjunction with a smartphone app. Using Bluetooth technology, the tracker communicates its last location to your phone. You can locate your item using the map on your phone, and activate a loud noise when you are in range.

Tile Mate & Slim Combo Pack. Another leader in the tracker product game,  Tile is another option for using your phone to find lost items. For a limited time you can get four trackers (two Tile Mates and two Tile Slims) for $69.99. Tile Mate is their standard offering, which easily connects to a key chain. The Slim is thin like a credit card and designed to fit in a wallet, purse or other tight spot.

Doxie Go SE. Have a paper hoarder in your life? Liberate them from stacks of receipts with the super handy Doxie scanner. Unlike painfully slow and cumbersome flatbed scanners from the days of yore, the Doxie is portable, compact and quickly scans pages in 8 seconds and stores them to its internal memory. The documents can then be synched to your computer or cloud services.

Around the Home

Patu Roll Up Electronics Accessories Travel Gear Organizer. Segueing from our recommendations for tech gadgets, the Patu Roll Up is a great solution for corralling all those chargers, USB cables and dongles instead of letting them form into a tangled Kraken of cords from which there is no escape.

Three by Three Metal Drawer Organizers from the Container Store. Tame any junk drawer with these colorful metal sorters from the Container Store. Configurable in a variety of combinations, one (or two!) sets of these are all you need to take a small step towards living a more organized life.

Tidy Living Organizer Bundle – Espresso Brown. Help someone get a jumpstart on organizing their closet with this bundle from Tidy Living. The bundle includes several items to simplify clothing storage, such as an over the door shoe organizer. The entire bundle is currently available for discounted price of $45.00.


SONGMICS Mirror Jewelry Cabinet. This Amazon Best Seller is a fantastic gift to help anyone with piles and piles of jewelry and accessories. The lockable cabinet hangs over any door, features a real glass mirror and is designed to neatly hold hundreds of pieces of jewelry. Best of all, it has built-in LED lights to make it easy to find your bling in the dark.

Alexander Harris