The latest vaporizers have come to represent a more modern, convenient alternative form of using nicotine or essential oils.

But, a vaporizer itself is a mechanical tool with plenty of safety rules and requirements. If your vape is not stored properly, or exposed to the wrong element, the results could be explosive. If you want to handle your equipment safely, whether at home or on the move, then some tips will help ease the process.

Storing Vaporizer Components

A vaporizer comes with plenty of pieces to keep track of and keep maintained to avoid any issues from coming up. The mouthpiece and filter need cleaning and proper storage in order to prevent being filled with any dirt and debris. E-liquids change color and taste when expiring, with a general lifespan of one to two years before they require changing.

Batteries are safer secured, powered off when not in use, and kept away from any metal that could cause an electrical reaction. All the different parts of a vaporizer are affected by storage. Placement and handling are important to keeping your vaporizer clean and working.

Vaporizer Storage

When storing your vaporizer the best place to put it is in something dry and at room temperature. The pieces of a vaporizer are safer separated and stored somewhere soft or secure to avoid any damage from movement. Vaporizer pieces should also be cleaned before storage. Maintenance is especially needed for dry herb vaporizers where the herbs are still leftover after usage.

It is important to keep a vaporizer upright when storing it. Placing a vaporizers pieces upside down or sideways causes leakage and increases the chance for dirt or debris to become an issue. Keeping the vaporizer away from any environmental hazards will protect the device and prevent lasting damage. If stored improperly then issues with a devices batteries could lead to dangerous results

Storage Dangers

A vaporizer is electric, with chemical powered batteries that require careful handling. The wrong factors could lead to a vaporizer becoming a fire hazard. The chemicals inside of certain batteries are delicate, and reactive. A vaporizers batteries could ignite or even explode spontaneously if handled wrong.

Environmental conditions are particularly dangerous for batteries. It is dangerous to keep a vaporizer in conditions where it will become overheated or frozen such as in the sunlight or outside in freezing temperatures. Humidity is also an issue, with moisture capable of reacting negatively to the electrical parts of a vaporizer. When moving the vaporizer there should be care taken to ensure that it is safe, or it could be a danger to you and anything near it. If you are storing a vaporizer in a storage unit, it would be a great idea to get a climate-controlled unit to avoid exposure to extreme temperatures.

Safety Measures

Official FDA advice states that there are additional safety features available for consideration like firing button locks, and vent holes to issues with a vaporizer. Avoiding any physical strain on your vaporized will ensure no pieces loosen or stop working. Batteries are best kept deactivated and placed in room temperature storage in order to avoid overcharging. A vaporizer should only use the type of charger that came with that model, not for any other device.

A vaporizer is a delicate machine, with a tangle of different pieces to keep safe and maintained. By keeping it secure and correctly stored you are able to prevent it from becoming dangerous or broken. What needs remembering though is that all of a vaporizers parts are important. If one part of the machine is loose or broken that could lead to issues involving the entire device. Keeping a vaporized maintained and properly put away expands its lifespan and lowers the chances of any serious problems happening.

Marisa TImko