Let’s be honest: moving is hard! If it wasn’t, there wouldn’t be a whole industry built around it (and so many memes capturing the pain of it)

How many times have you moved in your life? What about the past 10 years? According to the US Census Bureau, 1 in 9 people moved in 2016, and around 40 million are on the move each year.

Even if you’re moving for an exciting reason—like landing a new job or upgrading your housing—moving is still painful: lost items, necessary time away from work, extra stress, and more.

You’d think at this point, people would have moving down to a tee, but there are still a few surprisingly simple things that movers forget leading up to and on the big day itself.

So here’s a list of some of the top things that you can do to hack your moving experience (and save a lot of headaches later on):

1. Update Your Insurance Provider

Your renters insurance gives you protection for you and your stuff. That means that if you move, you won’t be covered. While most homeowners are aware of this, renters often forget that they won’t be covered in their new digs. What to do? Well, if you’re with a traditional provider, you may have to call up your insurance agent or send an email directly to your insurer. But if you have  Lemonade – a tech-powered insurance company – you can simply open the app, type in your new address, and set your moving date; no paperwork, no hassle!

2. Pre-schedule Utilities

Utilities. Ugh. Even the name itself can send shivers up the spine. Unfortunately, one of the most dreaded phone calls – the annoying music, long wait times, and overall tedious customer experience – is also the most essential. If you wanna have running water, working electricity, and live internet (those are essentials, right?) when you get to your new pad, make sure to contact all of your providers beforehand. Tell them when you plan to move, and make sure to schedule in-house visits if needed so you won’t spend the first night in your new place in the dark (or without Netflix).

3. Label Your Moving Boxes

One of the most underutilized tricks out there, labeling boxes, is an amazing hack to keep your moving experience zen. Firstly, label every box by the room of the house that it goes in (yes, bathroom and front hall count as rooms).

Next, break out the colored stickers and prioritize by how soon you will need to use each box. We’d suggest using red for the most relevant boxes on moving day, and purple for things that you barely ever touch. For example, say you’re moving in June, you’d probably want to put red stickers on all of your summer clothes and shoes in the “bedroom” box.

Did anyone say moving ninja?

4. Set Aside the Essentials

Remember those labels we were talking about before? Make sure you have a few boxes labeled “essentials” full of, well, essentials! It’s funny we pack away the simplest of things – our phone charger, or toothbrush – only to see it resurface weeks after moving. Don’t let this happen! Be proactive. Make a list of everything you (may need to) use within the next two weeks, and pack this stuff away in an “open me first” box… and then put a million red stickers on them.

5. Telling Your Fam / Network That You’re Moving

Okay, okay. We admit that this one may seem like a no-brainer, but there are legit considerations here. What about your Grandma who still sends you cold hard cash for your birthday? Or your old-school bank that still insists on sending you your account balance on paper (eek)? Snail mail aside, your work, as well as your doctors, will have to know you’re moving.

Long story short: once you have your new address, make sure you let everyone know. BCC’ed emails, Facebook status updates, and group texts are all pretty good ways to get the job done.

If you’re planning on moving, or know a friend that’s moving, pay it forward – bookmark these handy tips to save you a lot of confusion and anxiety down the road and make moving a more joyful experience, just as it should be!