Not only does volunteerism make countless positive impacts across communities, it also facilitates higher job satisfaction and productivity in the workplace by employees who volunteer regularly. SpareFoot encourages employees to give back, whether that be through volunteering, donating funds, or raising awareness for important causes.

SpareFoot’s People Operations team and Culture Club members organize various service opportunities each quarter. Over the years, SpareFoot has participated in volunteer events such as: donating event proceeds to Austin Humane Society, stuffing backpacks with school supplies for underprivileged students and filling diaper bags with baby supplies for SafePlace, providing data assistance for Dress for Success, cleaning up and gardening in Zilker park, hosting our own free pop-up clothing store for the homeless.

On February 22nd, SpareFoot had it’s second volunteer trip to the Thinkery. Participants helped assist with material preparation projects that supported the organization’s programs and activities geared toward educating children. Tasks included: cutting out shapes or strips of fabric, prepping canvases, assembling projects, and sorting various materials.

“I love volunteering in Austin because it gives me perspective of what’s happening within the city,” said UX Researcher Liz Donovan.  “Going to the Thinkery was an opportunity to help out and understand a great organization’s mission and goals.”

Tier 2 Client Care Specialist Cathie Fuentes echoed that sentiment. “I like that these Thinkery opportunities are very educational and crafty,” she said. “These tasks seem to be extremely helpful to organization, but very easy and fun for us to do!”

What’s next on SpareFoot’s community service schedule this spring? A Town Lake clean up day this summer, and a day helping out Urban Roots this spring. This will be the second time SpareFoot has volunteered with this local Austin organization.

“What’s great about Urban Roots is that their benefit to the community has a few different layers to it,” said UX Researcher, Evan Balbona. “Their farm not only goes a long way to make locally-sourced, fresh foods more accessible, but it also gives young people in Austin a chance to get leadership experience through paid internships and culinary programs.”

Speaking of fresh food, Davis Turner is taking his new role as Head Chef at SpareFoot by storm and has built a partnership with the Central Texas Food Bank. Starting this March, SpareFoot will be offering weekly gourmet meal donations to the food bank.

“Giving back to the city of Austin is a very important thing to me and my cooking, this city has helped make me the chef I am today,” said Davis. “I feel like it is my part to help and give back to this city as well.”

SpareFoot recently participated in Amplify Austin, raising funds for well deserving non-profits across our city. For more hands-on altruists, SpareFoot also makes it easy to take time off work to volunteer with our flexible vacation policy.

Cathie encourages folks who haven’t had the time to get out and give back this year.

“The warm fuzzies and the all good feels will pep you up and make it all worthwhile,” she said.

We couldn’t agree more!

April McKay