So you just graduated college. Congrats!

Chances are you’re looking for or securing your first Big Person job, enjoying some freedom from studying every moment, and finally getting ready to move in to your first place. Like a real adult.

During college, we tend to accrue a lot of transient things that we most likely won’t use again down the road. It makes sense; typically, the average person will move at least once or twice throughout their college lifetime; from the dorms, to your first shared house with your friends, to your own apartment. When you’re living on a student budget, you can’t afford to get the finest in furniture and decor. And that’s okay! That’s what college is all about.

But as you get ready to move into your own place, your first real “adult” place, it’s time to leave the college mindset behind. Here are some things you should consider kicking to the curb now that you’re done with school and entering the next phase of your life.

1. Ratty T-Shirts

Once upon a time, it may have been okay to slum to class in your ratty t-shirts; sometimes, rolling out of bed and making it to class at all is a feat in and of itself. But as you proceed through your twenties and start establishing your career, you’ll realize that looks do matter. And sometimes they can make or break you. Donate the shirt from the 5K you ran three years ago and the others from clubs, crappy bands or with “funny” slogans and invest in a few nice, long lasting pieces. You can always save your favorite t-shirts for a day of Netflix and couching.

2. TI-83 Calculator

Unless you plan to go into hardcore mathematics, there really isn’t a reason for you to hold onto this bulky rectangle of knowledge. Lucky for us, the internet exists, and it’s likely that any mathematics equation you’ll have to do can be easily answerable via an app, a quick google search, or even your own head. That’s what college was for, right?

3. Dorm Room Furniture

Ah, dorm room furniture. Simultaneously the bane of our existence, yet such a savior in the most dire of times. As an adult, your decorating skills will likely evolve beyond plastic storage bins and cheap, crooked lamps.

We know that furniture can be expensive and sometimes a hassle to buy, but there’s no reason to rush or compromise; if you can afford nicer pieces, make it a habit to buy furniture over time, and at a comfortable pace. If you’re looking to budget, use resources like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, and Etsy. Frequent the thrift stores and secondhand shops, and also don’t skimp on estate sales and storage auctions. You never now what treasure you’ll find out there.

4. Posters

This one comes with a caveat – if you have a really nice or special movie or music poster that you love, the simplest way of elevating it is to buy an affordable frame and hang it up properly. However, there are some posters that should stay strictly in the 18-20 age range, like ones that depict drinking and partying, for example. Expand your horizons and start looking for artwork that reflects all of your interests, be it music, film, history, mentors, etc.

5. Liquid Bottle Collection

Once upon a time, it was really cool to display your 100-can La Croix collection in the living room. That time, sadly, has come to an end with adulthood. That shouldn’t prevent your from repurposing really neat bottle ware, though; wine bottles can turn into vases, mason jars can turn into drinking glasses or containers for knickknacks, and some whiskey bottles are simply so beautiful that you SHOULD display them. It all depends on what and how you’re using these ghosts of bottles past. But you definitely don’t need that bottle of Cuervo you polished off after sophomore finals.

6. Flimsy Hangers

As you start investing in nicer clothes, you’ll also need the hangers to match. Nice hangers aren’t just for your eyes – they are sturdier and help provide more support for everything from your heavy suits to cocktail dresses. Plus, there’s nothing more attractive than a closet with a uniform line of wooden hangers. It’s one thing that instantly says: Adult.


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