Moving is a stressful situation that most of us have to experience at least once in a lifetime. You may have moved to a new city for your studies, or have relocated your family due to job transfers or better opportunities.

With all the stress of moving, it could be easy to forget about the other important factors in your new life. You need to find a new go-to grocery store, a park, and most importantly, a new doctor.

Without a family doctor on hand for those unexpected emergencies, you might as well be moving into a wilderness!

Confused about how to find and select the best one in your new home city?

We’ll take you through the basics below.

Consult Your Old Doctor

Before you make the move, have an in-depth talk with your old and trusted physician. Find out if they can recommend any good doctor in your new city. This would be the perfect reference since your doctor knows the nuances of your family (or just yourself).

This step is especially urgent if you or a family member have some issues that need consistent monitoring. This could be a special need, like severe OCD or Down’s syndrome. It could also be something physical, such as diabetes. Your current doctor can give you the best recommendations if they know anyone who can properly deal with your issues in the new hometown.

Consider Personal Recommendations

You may already have some friends or relatives residing in the city you’re headed to. Start off by asking them about the best doctors in the area. Their recommendations may or may not help you much since every individual is different and have unique medical issues. Plus, you may simply not feel comfortable with a physician that your neighbor swears by.

Asking around, however, is the best way to get the hunt started. Probe a little and find out just why a certain doctor was recommended. You may have to visit a medical practitioner a couple of times before you decide to continue your medical treatment by consulting them.

Know About Their Qualifications And Experience Via Specific Websites

There are various websites that help you look for doctors in your new region. These websites will enable you to visit those clinics and hospitals that are even recommended by your friends and family.

Besides, there is a myriad of options online for free or cheap healthcare. The US Department of Health and Human Services has a page which can help anyone in this situation. You can read more on Online Directory, American Medical Association, and Doctor Directory.

Whichever physician you choose, make sure they’re certified by the correct authorities. This will ensure that they’ve been through the required residences and have training in their specialty.

Get Additional Information Via Social Media

If you’re on any social media platform, get in touch with the residents in your new locality. Even if you don’t know anyone, you may be able to find a Facebook group or something similar that’s centered on your new city.

For example, many of Dallas’ new residents may have created a group especially tailored for their medical needs. Even if it’s just a general group for the residents there, asking about the best doctors will give you some honest answers and real feedback. You may be able to pinpoint the doctors that are the most sympathetic, discreet, and family-friendly. The people of your new city may also direct you to the doctors that specialize in whatever you need.

Know What You Want

Before you decide to visit any kind of new doctor, consider if they really are what you’re looking for. Do you need a pediatrician, a general practitioner, a gynecologist, or a specialist in any other medical field? Once you start searching in the right direction, you can find a lot of choices.

Ashley Lippman