Father’s Day is a big deal. It’s the day you celebrate the man who raised you, who put up with your childhood antics, who taught you how to throw a ball, or ride a bike, or build your first computer, or choose the right cut of steak. And what better way to celebrate your incredible dad than by giving him a gift that he’ll actually want?

Here are 18 Father’s Day gifts that your dad will love and use (and that won’t end up in storage).

Tickets to an Event

Whether your dad is a baseball fanatic, or itching to see the his favorite band from his youth play that nearly sold-out show, you can never go wrong with tickets.

A Gym Membership

Maybe dad’s been too busy to actually sign up, even though he’s been talking about it for ages. Depending on how much of a good humor your dad has, a gym membership can be a great gift to kickstart your dad’s motivation.

Peace and Quiet

Sometimes, all dad wants is peace and quiet – especially if the kids are still living at home. Offer to clear the home and give him his desperately needed space.

A Headlamp

Camping, auto repairs, fixing household appliances…what can’t you do with a headlamp? This is one of the most versatile and truly life-saving gadgets that everyone should own.

Some Time Together

As we get older, we tend to spend less time with our parents. Maybe all dad wants this Father’s Day is to spend some time with you and catch up on your lives. Take him for a hike or go grab a beer together, and talk. Really talk.

An Experience

The best gifts don’t have to be physical – they can be ones that create lasting memories and pure joy. Consider forgoing a physical gift and instead giving dad an experience, like mountain biking, visiting a museum that interests him, going fishing, grilling together, or going to see a movie.

Tools For His Favorite Hobby

Dad’s are notorious for having some tinker-related hobby, so why not give dad some nice tools for the job?

A Supportive Pillow

Pillows are so crucial, but so often overlooked. There’s nothing more precious than a good night’s sleep – and dad will be thinking of you every time he wakes up feeling like he just had the best sleep of his life.

A Pocketknife

The safe bet for any dad, because there is no better way to feel useful than whipping out your pocketknife and cutting a knot or package that everyone is struggling with.

A Nice Travel or Weekender Bag

Dad deserves to travel in style, not with his old gym duffel.

Comfortable Slippers / House Shoes

Because sometimes, dads want to feel fancy AND practical.

A Professional Organizer

Dad’s office might be a mess, and it’s not his fault; sometimes, he’s just too swamped to declutter! Hire a professional organizer to take care of the work for him – it’ll have lasting effects on his mental state and productivity.

An External Phone Charger

An external phone charger will change your dad’s life. No eyeing that quickly decreasing battery life. No more eternal Low Power Mode. This is like a safety net times ten.

A Really Cozy Bathrobe

Again, we cannot reiterate enough how much dad deserves to be pampered.

An Insulated Water Bottle

Enough with the crushed plastic bottles and flimsy thermoses. Get dad a hardy, high-quality insulated water bottle, and he’ll be thanking you from the bottom of his hydrated heart.

A Shoeshine Kit

Every human needs a good shoeshine kit, and if your dad has a proclivity for nice shoes, this is a safe bet.

A Subscription to a Streaming Service

Maybe dad likes soccer or has been dying to watch all of Game of Thrones. Maybe he’s tired of listening to car radio commercials. Consider investing in a subscription service for dad, like HBO, Spotify Premium or Amazon Prime.

The Gift of Actual Storage

Sometimes, dad has too much stuff. We’ve all been there. If your dad has a stuff problem, do the needful for him and rent him some storage, whether it’s self-storage or full-service storage.