Organizing any drawer in your house is frustrating- let alone your makeup drawer. It’s where you keep your everyday cosmetics and understandably the easiest to drawer to disorganize. These two simple and affordable organizational makeup hacks will KEEP your cosmetics in place so that you can get ready more efficiently on your way out.

Before Starting

Take everything out of your makeup drawer and purge any expired, or duplicate cosmetics. Be sure to also throw away any cosmetics that you haven’t used in a while.

Unfortunately, unlike food, makeup does not come with a printed expiration date.  Cleaning out your makeup drawer every several months is not only a good way to declutter some room in your drawer, but it will help you avoid any future eye infections or irritations that expired makeup typically causes from built-up bacteria over time. Reference the chart below for your makeup lifespan:

Hack #1: The Cosmetic Drawer Tray

Step One: Buy a drawer divider or kitchen utensil holder

A makeup drawer divider will run you no more than $15 on AmazonIf you would rather use a kitchen utensil holder you can find one at Target for $23.

Step Two: Place the drawer divider or kitchen utensil into your makeup drawer

Before throwing out your receipt, or going out to buy a new divider or holder, make sure it will fit into your the drawer you plan on using.

Step Three: Organize your cosmetics

Have fun with this! Organize your makeup based on color, function, brand or even occasion- organize it in a way that simplifies your routine as effectively a possible.

Hack #2: Ziploc Containers

Step One: Purchase a variety pack of Ziploc containers

These are perfect for storing makeup because they are easy to clean (dishwasher safe) in case your foundation inventively spills and they will run you no more than $20 on Amazon.

Step Two: Plan out how you will organize your containers

Use the lids on your Ziploc containers to plan the layout of the inside of your drawer. Feel free to also label the tops of the containers for a quick reference when you first open the drawer.

Step Three: Organize your makeup

Organize your makeup however you see fit and enjoy your newly organized drawer!

Set aside a to-go container for when you’re running late. Throw in the essentials- like Chapstick, mascara, cover-up, and blush. Throw it in a bag and your good to go!

What are your go-to makeup organization hacks? We want to hear them!  Share with us on Twitter @simplyselfstore

Article contributed by Constanza Ulloa-Colina for Simply Self Storage.

Constanza Ulloa-Colina