Picking a gift for your partner can be hard, but being in a long-distance relationship makes it even harder. Luckily, we’ve collected a list of the best long distance relationship gifts to give your sweetie for any occasion. What better way to show you care than with a surprise gift that will help strengthen your connection?

Here are 12 long distance relationship gifts that are both practical AND sweet. Best of all you can ship them straight to your boo.

1. Long Distance Touch Lamp

These lamps sync up, so when you’re thinking of your loved one, just touch your lamp. Your partner’s lamp will light up. It’s a simple, non-demanding and lovely way to let them know that you’re thinking about them.

2. Flower Subscription

Who doesn’t love flowers? Sign your partner up with The Bouqs Co. to receive flowers on a regular basis. You can even sign up for a subscription so that your partner gets flowers once a week, bimonthly, or monthly.

3. Body Pillow

One of the most difficult things about long distance relationships is sleeping in a cavernous and cold bed. Enter the Moonlight body pillow, your best substitute for snuggles.

4. Coordinate Necklace

This delicate and minimal piece will remind your partner that you’re nearby, even when you’re not.

5. Letters To Open When…

Handwritten notes are underrated, but have remained utterly romantic. This is one of the best long distance relationship gifts, because nothing says “I love you” more than writing it on a piece of paper.

6. Homesick Candles

If your partner is missing home, these candles, which capture the essence of each state, will quickly make them feel like they’ve been teleported.

7. Travel Bag

With all the traveling to and fro, your partner is definitely due for a stylish, durable and practical travel bag. Samsonite bags get the job done, and at an affordable price.

8. LoveBox Spinning Heart Messenger

Send your partner a message through the app, and the box will notify them by spinning the heart on the outside. When your partner opens the box, they’ll be able to read your message on the mirrored screen inside. It’s your basic text messaging times 1000 for the romantic souls out there.

9. HelloFresh Subscription

Maybe your partner is too busy to cook. Maybe figuring out what to make for dinner is just an added stressor on their life. Whatever the case may be, services like HelloFresh can simplify the food-making process so that they can focus on the things that matter.

10. Audible Subscription

Audiobooks are perfect for the busy go-getter who wants to read more books, but can’t find the time.

11. Foot Massager

The next best thing to your hands, obviously. This Miko foot massager will rock your word.

12. Instagram Friendly Book

Artifact Uprising’s gorgeous book is printed directly to your Instagram feed, so you can gift your partner with beautiful memories that you’ve shared together.

13. Laptop Lap Desk

This nifty laptop desk has a stand for your phone too, so you can FaceTime AND work or play at the same time.