Moving to a warmer state? There are plenty of great reasons to do so, as living in a warm climate offers many benefits, such as increasing your body’s vitamin D levels, improving bone and joint health, and keeping your respiratory system fit and fighting.

As a result, many people decide to up and move to a warmer state, with Florida being a notable example where many seniors go to enjoy their later years. California and Texas are other states known for their warmer climates, with many relocating to these states to take advantage of the year-round warmth and sunshine.

However, moving to a warm state often requires some adjustments, especially when dealing with very high temperatures, so be sure to check out these 5 ways to keep cool in the heat!

1. Drink Lots of Water

Water is one of the most effective ways to keep cool in the heat, not to mention, vitally important for maintaining your health in warm conditions. When fully hydrated, the body is much better at regulating its temperature, meaning the more water you drink the cooler you remain.

2. Air Conditioning

Air conditioning is another highly effective way to remain cool in warm weather. Your new home may have central air conditioning which will keep things cool throughout the house, but this isn’t a guarantee, so you may want to buy a portable air conditioner.

The best portable AC unit will allow you to move the unit from room to room with minimal effort, letting you keep cool for a much cheaper price compared to buying and installing central air conditioning.

3. Change Your Sheets

Certain textiles are more effective at keeping you cool during the warm nights, so try swapping out your linens to something more weather-appropriate. Cotton is one of the best fabrics for staying cool in the warm, as its very breathable so remains cooler for longer.

4. Close Blinds or Curtains During the Day

When it is warm outside your windows could end up making things even warmer inside, so you may need some good window coverings to help keep the heat at bay. By simply closing blinds or curtains during the peak sunshine your home becomes much cooler, as it isn’t be heated like a greenhouse!

Replacing your blinds with double-celled honeycomb shades are also an excellent way to keep hot air from penetrating your window panes.

Crank Open Windows at Night

Open windows are a great way to keep cool at night. It’s simple but effective, and you can maximize the effect by opening all your top floor windows and keeping doors open to help create a nice cooling effect around the home.

Patrick Holmes