Whether you’re itching to tackle your home’s exterior or sort through summer gear, Labor Day presents the ideal opportunity to get a project done. With three unscheduled days and warm weather, you’ll have plenty of time to cross one big task off your list, or several smaller ones.

Here are home projects to complete over Labor Day weekend and a reap a sense of accomplishment.

1. Repaint a Room.

“That pre-2000 burgundy in the room can be replaced with a modern and cleaner color,” says Teris Pantazes, CEO and co-founder of EFynch.com, a handyman and homeowner management app.  Try neutral tones like white or gray, and spread the project out over three days.

2. Revamp the Grill.

Barbecues throughout summer can lead to a grill that’s due for a cleaning. Start by brushing and scraping residue off the grate. If you have a gas grill, disconnect the gas first. Then wash pieces in soapy water and wipe clean.

3. Organize the Shed.

Get rid of any lawn equipment you didn’t need or use during the summer. If garden tools are scattered throughout the place, install racks or shelves to store them in one spot. Then look through outdoor furniture and flower pots to see what’s broken and ready for the garbage.

4. Create Extra Storage in the Entryway.

Buy shelves or a bookcase for the front of your home to keep keys, jackets, and backpacks organized. Or add a refashioned piece of furniture.

“An antique wooden small table with drawers can easily store items like note pads, pens, a stapler, and other accessories,” explains Marty Basher, home organization expert for Modular Closets.

5. Spruce Up the Front Door.

Give the entrance door a fresh coat of paint. If you want a seasonal look, opt for fall colors like deep green or gold.

“Add new hardware to the door, a welcome mat, and a few potted plants at the entrance,” suggests Basher.

6. Get Your Fall Wardrobe Ready.

Sort through clothes for the next season and set aside items you don’t plan to wear. Ask friends to come over with fall clothes and accessories they are no longer interested in. Serve snacks and beverages while those in attendance swap wardrobe pieces.

7. Upgrade Your Yard Decor.

Evaluate the condition of your current backyard decorations.

“Look at purchasing new or lightly used outdoor furniture to fill in any gaps you have in your yard,” suggests Matthew Breyer, president and lead designer of Breyer Construction & Landscape. “Seek out small end tables or shelves to hold plants and other decor.”

8. Prep the Garage for Winter.

Hang up bikes you won’t need during the cold months, and toss worn out sports equipment. Then scrub the garage floor and paint it. “It helps keep your garage looking clean and reduces dust,” says Pantazes.

9. Install a Smart Thermostat.

With a programmable thermostat like Nest, you’ll be able to set the desired temperature in your home for different parts of the day. For the cold season, keep the air several degrees cooler during the day, while everyone is at work or school. You won’t only save money on the electric bill, but you will also have less of an environmental impact.

10. Clean the Windows.

Wash or wipe out the outside parts of your windows. Add a fresh coat of paint if needed, and look for any spaces that need to be caulked. Make a note of any cracks or breaks that need to be repaired before the cold sets in.

11. Put in New Cabinet Hardware.

“Top quality luxury cabinet brands for knobs and pulls made of crystal, solid brass, and stainless steel can instantly upgrade your kitchen or bathroom,” explains Tonya Bruin, CEO of To Do-Done Renovations and Handyman Services. Look for modern, traditional, or vintage styles at your local hardware or home decor store.

12. Add Wallpaper.

For a new design in a room, try self-adhesive and repositionable wallpaper. You can stick it to a wall that has been primed and painted. “In the future, when you are ready to change the look again, simply peel the paper off the wall,” says Basher.

13. Store Air Conditioner Units.

If you have window units, take them out of the windows.

“Clean the vents and filter of the window unit,” says Richard Ciresi, franchisee of Aire Serv, a heating and air conditioning company.

Cover the unit and place it in a dry area until next spring. Cover outdoor units as well.

14. Fix Up the Fence.

Check for loose boards, open spaces or nails that stick out. Wash the fence with a hose, and use soap on tough spots. Paint or stain the fence if it needs another coat.

15. Put in a Patio.

Buy a DIY stone patio kit and set aside the weekend to lay it out.

“Add a stone fountain and white backyard string lights to create a relaxing atmosphere,” says Basher.

Rachel Hartman