Organizing is hard enough, but the price tag that comes with a lot of organizing tools can be enough for you to stuff everything back into the closet where it all came from. Never fear!

We’ve scoured the internet for the best organizing lifesavers under $20, which means you can get everything neat and in order without taking a sizable chunk from your savings.

1. Woven Nylon Storage Bin

Price: $18.99

These stylish and understated bins are perfect for your various storage and organizing needs. 

What reviewers said: “These are great storage boxes. They have woven fabric and a nice metal reinforced frame. They hold both soft and hard/heavy things.” – Matt

2. Over-The-Door Bathroom Hair Care & Styling Organizer

Price: $12.99

Anyone who takes pride in styling their hair knows that the endless bulk of haircare products and tools is a serious nuisance. Enter this nifty hair care and styling organizer! Keep your tools separated and easy to find.

What reviewers said:Where has this product been all my life? How did I not know these types of items even existed?? For the first time, all of my high end hair appliances are securely stored neatly…” – Nichole 

3. Closet Underwear Organizer Drawer Divider Set

Price: $13.87

Perfect for organizing all of your delicates. Your sock drawer has never looked better.

What reviewers said:This is PERFECT for drawers. They helped me organize my drawers, flawlessly. My husband was so impressed, he wants me to order him a set, as well.” – Sue

4. Pan Organizer Rack

Price: $16.87

Gone are your days of stacking pans on top of each other. Use this handy pan organizer rack to keep your pans in good shape AND make the most of your cabinet space.

What reviewers said: “Now I don’t worry about scratching when I’m putting away or pulling out my new expensive pans. Love it.” – Marybeth 

5. Foldable Storage Cubes

Price: $16.88

Whether it’s for storing your winter blankets or knitting, these foldable storage cubes are sturdy and breathable, and perfect for reducing home clutter.

What reviewers said:I use these everywhere; in the cubbies under my platform bed, on shelves, under console tables, on top of cabinets.” – Glenda 

6. Over-The-Door Ironing Caddy

Price: $10.00

An iron and ironing board can end up taking a lot of space if you don’t know how to store it properly. Use this ironing caddy to maximize closet space and keep your ironing supplies out of plain sight.

What reviewers said:Very useful. Looks good behind my laundry door.” – Rose

7. Break-Resistant Plastic Drawer Organizers

Price: $13.99

These stackable, clear organizers will keep your drawers neat and clutter-free. 

What reviewers said: “Love these. Absolutely the best for organizing your drawers. No more messy drawers where you can’t find what you’re looking for.” – Madelyn

8. Cable Clip Holders

Price: $7.99

If your desk is a mess of tangled cords, it’s time for you to get some help. These cable clip holders come in a pack of sixteen, and are perfect for managing the millions of cords in your life.

What reviewers said: “These twisty ties are amazing for keeping all kinds of cords (of all sizes) neat and organized!!! Can’t believe I lived without them for so long! They’re sturdy yet flexible and are so easy to wrap around cords, and they STAY and don’t unravel. Just love them.” – OTM

9. Jumbo Toy Hammock

Price: $7.99

It’s every parent’s worst nightmare: stuffed animals, EVERYWHERE. This nifty hammock holds all of your kid’s favorite critters while keeping them in plain sight, and with easy access.

What reviewers said:I liked how it came with the screws and the screw inserts for the wall, well worth the money.” – Small Frye

10. Battery Organizer Storage Case

Price: $19.99 ($17.25 for Prime members)

Where, exactly, are you supposed to keep all of those extra batteries? The answer is right here. This handy battery case also comes with a battery tester and holds up to 93 different size batteries.

What reviewers said: “Love the tester and being able to organize the different sizes. I can buy what I need and always have on hand the size my toddler or hubby’s toy/tool needs.” – Sarah

11. Broom Holder and Garden Tool Organizer

Price: $13.97

Your cleaning supplies are supposed to help you get more organized, not the opposite! Take control of all those brooms, mops, and cleaning supplies with this awesome solution.

What reviewers said:This is a very handy organizer! The slots are large enough to accommodate various size of mop and broom handles and offers a very positive hold on them.” – C. Wolney