When news of Queer Eye’s Season 2 renewal came out, the world collectively shrieked in sheer happiness. Another season meant more of JVN’s pure and gorgeous self, Karamo’s unparalleled affirmations, Anthony’s accessible recipes, and Tan’s gentle and nurturing soul (and his french tuck). Most importantly, it meant that we were going to get eight more amazing home makeovers, courtesy of polite and supportive fave, Bobby Berk.

Bobby is all-around amazing, and there’s no denying that pretty much every makeover he does is infused with thoughtfulness, charm and practicality. Still, you have to admit that some of his makeovers blow others out of the water.

That’s why we decided to rank all the home makeovers from Queer Eye’s Season 2 from least impressive to most amazing:

8. Episode 3, “Unleash The Sexy Beast”

Leo’s place is, well, more than sloppy. With a late-night bartending job and barely any time to take care of himself, it’s up to the Fab Five to make sure he finds time for himself – and unleashes the sexy beast. Bobby does his design magic to make the smaller space feel huge, complete with a beautiful dining area (we love a bench!), and a gorgeous closet to boot.

7. Episode 5, “Sky’s The Limit”

Skyler’s house is bursting with queer pride, but as the Fab Five immediately notice, it’s not exactly the cleanest (can you say a “cat pee couch”?) Bobby transforms it into a beautiful space for entertaining friends and family, and, as Bobby puts it, a place where Sky can “be the king of his castle.”

6. Episode 6, “Big Little Lies”

Ari’s apartment is a perfect view into the typical college student’s in-between life; nothing says I-Have-No-Idea-What-I’m-Doing like the frisbee filled with sunflower seed shells. Bobby gives him a sweet patio for entertaining, and turns the formerly drab apartment into a sleek and artsy modern one. The space screams “adult,” which is exactly what Ari needs.

5. Episode 8, “Make Ted Great Again”

Mayor Ted is a mayor, but you wouldn’t know it from looking at his home. As Karamo says, “this home is giving me…farm hobo chic.” Plus, Ted’s “office” is in his kitchen, which doubles as a dining table. Slash the yoga room. Bobby gives Ted a mayoral palace – a warm and welcoming living room, an actual dining room, and a whole new closet.

4. Episode 4, “The Handyman Can”

Jason has some…stuff. His space is endlessly cool, but Jason has paint cans and various art pieces (like a flame thrower) randomly placed throughout his apartment. The issue isn’t that Jason has a bad eye – it’s that he just doesn’t know how to place all his stuff. Bobby has the hard task of trying to decorate a place for someone who might not even be staying in the near future. Of course, he rises to the challenge by showcasing Jason’s amazing pieces and keeping the art without the clutter.

3. Episode 1, “God Bless Gay”

How could we pick any other for number three? Bobby is challenged with transforming a big ol’ empty space into a place for community, worship, and love. Perhaps the best part of the makeover, however, is Tammye’s reaction, which just might bring tears to your eyes.

2. Episode 2, “A Decent Proposal”

Will and Shannon’s space is not a mess by any means, but it could definitely use some help. Bobby gives the home the revamp it needs; a brand new leather couch, a huge TV, and an absolutely gorgeous and lovely bedroom. Plus, Will’s reaction is all worth it.

1. Episode 7, “Bedazzled”

Okay, let’s be honest: adorable but shy piano player Sean’s college apartment has a lot of potential, but it just needs that Bobby magic. And oh boy, it sure is magic when Sean walks in and sees his new place for the first time. Bobby transforms the place into an industrial modern haven that brings out the real Sean Van Meter.

Screenshots courtesy of Netflix.