Looking for some fresh design inspiration for your home? Look no further than the silver screen. These 14 films feature some of the most jaw dropping homes we’ve ever set our eyes on.

1. Under the Tuscan Sun

Surely we’ve all had the dream of moving to Italy and buying an abandoned villa? In 2003’s Under the Tuscan Sun, Diane Lane’s character does just that. It’s a “fixer-upper,” which, in Hollywood terms, means that a quick montage is all it takes to transform the villa into a magnificent spectacle.

2. Atonement 

Has Kiera Knightley ever been in a movie that wasn’t populated by beautiful homes? We’re not sure. The mansion that the Tallis family lives in is appropriately dreamy and breathtaking all at once; the perfect backdrop for a movie that deals with memory, consequences, and the lies we tell ourselves.

3. The Royal Tenenbaums

When it comes to interior design, Wes Anderson movies do not come to play. Quirk and charm are the name of the game for the Tenenbaum home.

4. Rebecca

In Daphne du Maurier’s novel Rebecca, Manderley, the English country estate where the novel mostly takes place, is a character in itself. Hitchcock’s film adaptation brings Manderley to life, evoking its magnificence and saturating each shot of the home with doom and foreboding.

5. The Holiday

Kate Winslet’s  cottage, which looks like it came straight out of a fairytale, is the perfect image of what a cozy holiday cottage should be. Unfortunately, the cottage doesn’t actually exist in real life; set designers built a facade of the cottage on an empty field.

6. A Single Man

It’s only appropriate that fashion designer Tom Ford’s film A Single Man should include only the best in terms of design. This applies to his sets as well; the Schaffer Residence, a modern home built by John Lautner in Glendale, California, is the picture-perfect image of mid-century modern.

7. The Proposal

We’re willing to bet that flights to Alaska skyrocketed after The Proposal came out, and for good reason; the gorgeous cedar and stone house in the film is simply splendid. With 9-bedrooms, 10-bathrooms, the home fit in perfectly with the gorgeous backdrop of Alaska.

8. Call Me By Your Name

While Call Me By Your Name was busy making grown adults weep, we also couldn’t help but fall in love with one of the most lovely homes we’d ever seen on screen. The magnificent Italian villa was a perfect personification of Elio and Oliver’s relationship, one  that was crowded with books, art, and an overwhelming sense of love.

9. The Notebook

Yes, The Notebook. Responsible for making home renovation a reasonable bar for determining the longevity of a good romantic relationship. We can’t blame it though; the house is gorgeous, with its big shutters and enviable wraparound porch. According to Hooked on Houses, the home used in the film is Martin’s Point Plantation on Wadmalaw Island in South Carolina. Please note that it does not come with your own personal Ryan Gosling.

10. The Great Gatsby

The Great Gatsby is an obvious pick for this list. Baz Luhrman’s version does not shy away from making sure glitz is at the forefront of every scene, and this is most obvious in the Gatsby’s mansion.

11. Gone with the Wind

There’s a reason why it’s called Taradise. The fictional Southern plantation, modeled after Civil War-era Georgian plantations, was actually a set built on a backlot in Culver City, California. In the film, its presence is felt in every scene, which is why it is oftentimes one of the more memorable parts of the movie.

12. Practical Magic

The stunning Victorian home in Practical Magic is not real (and was demolished after the film ended), but its spirit lives on in raucous renditions of “Coconut.”

13. Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

It is THE coolest house we have ever seen in the movies. This home is real, and can be found in Highland Park, Illinois. Unexpectedly, it spent five years on the market before being sold for about $1 million (despite being listed for $2.3 million).

14. Penelope

Penelope’s room in her family’s Burton-esque manor is candy for any fan of whimsy and gothic fantasy. Since she can’t really go out into the real world, her room reflects her vivid imagination, romanticism, and deep desire for beauty. It comes across wonderfully in the film, and leaves us lusting after the fairytale


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