A minimalistic home is often mistaken for a home with no personality—a cold living space reserved for uber trendy individuals who love white walls.

In reality, minimalistic design is for anyone. Especially if you desire to achieve the perfect balance between all the beautiful things that you love and the practical things you need.

Warm minimalism takes this interior design trend a step further, allowing for a bit more sentiment. In other words, it’s more than creating a simplified, clutter-free space. Warm minimalism encourages you to optimize and personalize the space you do have, making you feel more at home.

Essentially, this is a design within reach for those who dread decluttering or simply aren’t ready to go full-blown minimalistic. Here’s how to own this sentimental trend.

Keep the Money in Your Pocket

Let’s face it, creating a minimalistic room can cost a pretty penny. Minimalism is all about optimization, getting the most out of one significant piece. As imagined, those types of modern pieces often have a hefty price tag. After all, they’re doing more than one job.

In contrast, warm minimalism is a minimal design for the DIY-ers. Or, those who love to transform a piece, giving it a second career, per se. Sure, design-lovers fit the bill but if you’re known for finding treasures at the flea market, warm minimalism is your jam. Who wouldn’t want a design that saves you money?

This design trend was made for the stylish men and women in love with imperfection. (Or, character as many define it.) Which, is a good thing because mismatched decor is “in”.

For example, a perfectly imperfect warm minimalism dining room may consist of a refurbished flea market table along with your collection of early twentieth-century chairs. Practical, sentimental, and infused with personality—that’s the goal of warm minimalism.

The price tag hurts your budget a lot less when you don’t have to match a perfect pair or set. Really, imperfection can be very stylish as well as kind to your budget.

Embrace a Longstanding Style Trend

Going as far back as ancient practices, the idea of minimalism is scattered throughout history. It’s a post-World War II movement, having presented itself in art, design, and even music in the 1960s and 1970s.

The real kicker is when people started to realize that a minimalistic interior also left more room for a tranquil mind. In short, less stuff also meant less anxiety, stress, and chaos. With such a small price tag, this was a design within reach for much of society.

From then on, minimalism has been in and out of the spotlight. Warm minimalism is taking the original idea of the “scarcity of stuff” and adding some passion to it. It’s about what works for you rather than being matchy-matchy.

As mentioned before, imperfection is now perfection. Plus, warm minimalism is in full swing for this year. The best part? Getting on board with this design trend is incredibly easy.

The first step is to figure out your core values. What really matters to you in life? Now, apply that same concept to your stuff, aligning your possessions with your values. Then, you toss, keep, or donate anything that doesn’t fit your newly aligned lifestyle.

The stuff that remains serves as your canvas and supplies. From it, you can create a work of art, transforming a “bunch of stuff” into a trend-setting home full of sentiment and peace.

Harness the Power of Emotions

It seems that people often buy a certain coffee table, for example, simply because it’s the “it” thing. Whether they love the design or not, they attempt to style their home according to a picture in a magazine.

There’s a good chance that you’ve been there, too. Most of us have. What we end up with is a lovely living room surrounded by warm neutral tones and our flawless coffee table. Even though the living room may look picture-perfect, it doesn’t feel right.

There’s a good reason for this little inkling. Spaces aren’t optimal for you if they’re designed around anything but your personality. Some people may even feel restricted, oppressed, or simply out of place. Minimalism simply does not aim for those sorts of emotions.

Instead, warm minimalism embodies freedom, love, creativity, and legacy. To master this design trend, take what you are wild about and make it a vital part of your living space. It’s not even necessary to toss out things that you love but simply don’t have space for.

Many people struggle to discard sentimental pieces of furniture. With warm minimalism, you can rotate your furniture in and out of self-storage to let each piece have its time in the sun.

This may sound contradictory to the overall idea of minimalism. However, warm minimalism is simply one expression of the idea.

How to Mismatch Furniture

Warm minimalism encapsulates the newest design trend of mismatching pieces. Mixing styles or patterns, you can create a living space that is both functional and adaptive to your lifestyle. It’s all about rule-breaking. But first, you’ve got to know the rules.

To mismatch furniture, try to work with the same material and color. In the dining area, for example, gather different wooden chairs for your kitchen table but paint them all the same color. That way, you’re presenting your personality in the chair designs while keeping a neutral palette. Without the fluidity of a uniform color, you may be facing an epic battle of color splash.

This type of color palette works especially well in small spaces where an array of color may eat up space. Not that you can’t make color work for you.

If you’re a huge fan of vibrant colors, warm minimalism can still make sense. Not everyone depends on a warm neutral palette to own this design trend. Again, it’s good to know some ground rules before you go breaking them.

For example, many people opt for blue in the master bedroom. After all, it symbolizes confidence, stability, and loyalty. Plus, it has a calming effect on most people. To make this a design within reach, choose several different shades of blue instead of keeping it monotone.

Be Inspired by Creativity

It’s possible to warm up any space with the right dose of inspiration. Here’s the thing, you may not live in your dream home or even have the perfect job. Yet, the best creativity stems from inspiration.

With warm minimalism, you surround yourself with the things that you love and make you feel good. There is no box of formalities to stifle you. If you want to use your beloved grandmother’s old chaise, you can. Not only does this make you feel good but it inspires you as well. Don’t we all want our space to inspire us?

In this modern world full of entrepreneurs and digital geniuses, creativity is in constant demand. In other words, creative waters need to be flowing all the time. Sure, exercise and proper self-care help to support creativity. But so does your living space.

Furthermore, your customized living space depends on your brilliant ideas to transform it into what you want. Essentially, the freedom in this style design lends space for creativity. You are inspired by your living space and you inspire your living space.

Embrace the Unexpected

When you pull all the stops on creativity, a beautiful metamorphosis happens. Elements you never thought would go together suddenly fit like a hand and glove. Patterns unexpectedly marry to form a flawless union. Furniture sits in a space as though it’s found a forever home.

Mastering warm minimalism is an epic journey full of wonderful mistakes. Trial and error lead the way. Keep in mind, these unexpected pairings aren’t always going to be listed in a magazine. Unsurprisingly, your own mind is going to give birth to them.

Think about patterns for a moment. Mixing ethnic prints is not something typically touted in the design world. Yet, when a variety of patterns from one certain country are displayed, it works. Even the layered, whimsical Boho style is coming back in a luxurious twist that people are loving.

To master warm minimalism, consider putting unique designs in the strangest of places. Don’t have room to fill your space with cool things? Well, fill your ceiling with a cool color or pattern.

Go Green, It’s Always “In”

Warm minimalism incorporates nature as much as possible. It may be growing plants on the wall, using recycled material, or simply repurposing someone else’s “junk.” This inviting trend is impacting the environment in a positive way.

Although the definition of warm minimalism is flexible, it undeniably influences one’s self-awareness. When you buy fewer things you ultimately use far less waste. Think boxes, packaging, unused items, etc.

It’s a very purposeful and deliberate way of living. Going against several American ideals, it embraces the concept of meaning rather than accumulating stuff.

Make Your Home’s Design Personal

Lastly, the best part about warm minimalism is that anyone can incorporate it into their lives.

At times, it can be difficult to capture a certain style. Often, there’s a struggle to find certain pieces, fabric, or patterns to really nail a look. In contrast, warm minimalism is a beautiful hodgepodge of loveliness that can fit any budget or lifestyle.

Additionally, it’s good for your mental health. Reality is that most homes are filled with things that carry emotional baggage—furniture, clothes, art, etc. Facing big emotions attached to some of your things may be challenging. In the end, however, it promotes an unrivaled sense of freedom.

The key is to make it personal. To make warm minimalism a lifestyle, hold tightly to things that mean something to you and let go of the rest.

This idea isn’t measured according to the amount of stuff you own. Instead, rest assured that you’ve mastered the trend when you can look around and love the things that surround you.

Dyanne Harvey