When it comes to redecorating your home, it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle of new fads and styles if you’re not informed. Interior design in 2018 was filled with boho furnishings, millennial pinks and subway tiles, but heading into the new year, there are plenty of things to say goodbye to and many more changes to embrace.

To ensure that your next revamp is relevant and on point, here are the top 5 home decor trends of 2019 to consider. Hopefully with a bit of insight and creativity, you can design a living space that will stand the test of time.

1. Floral Patterns and Wallpapers

It may seem like a design trend your grandmother used to spice up her kitchen in the 50’s, but floral patterns and wallpapers are making a strong comeback in modern homes across the globe.

By choosing a floral pattern for furniture, furnishings, and wallpapers, you automatically infuse a space with vibrant color palettes and eye-catching visuals.

A room once bare with bland paint or structural imperfections can be easily hidden with a captivating scheme. Contrary to popular belief, wallpaper is quite easy to apply, and it’s a reliable, cost-effective alternative to strenuous paints and supplies.

You can thrift shop your way to a vintage, floral couch, or you can get crazy with a blossoming throw rug. Designer shades and blinds are also another way to throw in floral prints. Either way, your final outcome will survive any unexpected transitions because floral is most certainly forever.

2. Velvet Furnishings

All things considering, velvet is a complicated material to live with. It has a history of being outdated and dusty, but despite these shortcomings, it somehow has managed to work its way back into the spotlight.

Rebranding itself as a luxury experience, velvet furnishings are one of the most anticipated home decor trends of 2019. From window curtains to mid-century modern armchairs, the fabric is now viewed as multifaceted, providing a strong presence with bold statements of color and soft exposures.

Another reason why many lead designers are flocking toward velvet options is because the composition demands attention and care. Velvet can be easily damaged, which means that maintaining its integrity will lead to a consideration for a space as a whole.

It’s a great way to remind yourself to keep a tidy home, and whenever you have company over, you can rest assured they will be impressed with your virtuosity.

3. Brass Decor

To go along with your floral walls and velvet furniture set, brass decor will give you a flash of modern style to remind people they’re still in the present day.

The cool thing about brass is that you can incorporate it into any space. A bathroom or kitchen can be decked out with brass fixtures. Your silverware and cups can be made out of brass. A lamppost in the corner of a den, or a ceiling fan with brass lights can be installed. Even a geometric brass terrarium placed on an end table can do the trick.

The sky is the limit with this classic alloy, and the best part is that adding it your home decor arsenal is relatively cheap. Installing brass fixtures can be done on a budget, providing you with a unique look set apart from standard chrome. 

The only downside is that brass requires a bit of polishing to upkeep its look, so once again, including it in your home creates the opportunity for regular maintenance. Nobody said that staying hip was easy, so if you’re up for the challenge, then brass additions will help you keep your eye on the prize.

4. Concrete Accents

Erupting in 2018 as a popular alternative, concrete accents have remained a favorite among interior designers spanning into 2019. This is mainly due to its durable nature and clean presence as opposed to commonplace wood, metal, granite, or marble.

Essentially, concrete accents are anything that you can incorporate that has a concrete element. Think countertops, vases, end tables, benches, desks, shelves; just a little something to boost the modernity and provide a cooling effect to a space in need of versatility. Concrete additions provide natural evoked rustic tones. It’s a dimensional look that pairs well with lots of different styles, such as farmhouse, minimalist, or Boho. Plus, tons of designers are even experimenting with concrete floors in their homes. it makes for a one-of-a-kind look outside of traditional hardwood and it’s incredibly low-maintenance.

Now, buying a few bags of concrete and going to town on your spare bedroom requires a bit of expertise. To enjoy the best results of your new concrete jungle, it’s best to find an interior design professional who knows the material and can create a smooth finish, or find some simple pieces from your favorite stores.

5. Vintage Lighting

One of the funnest aspects of decorating your home is choosing light fixtures that represent a mood. A simple desk lamp or pendant light can really set the tone for a room, and vintage lighting is the perfect way to capture the beauty of a period with little effort. 

Finding the right piece, especially one with authenticity, means that you’ll have to do some scavenging. Mid-century modern fixtures are highly sought after, Some of the best places to search locally are your nearest second-hand shops or antique stores. On a whim, you could find an affordable, classic fixture at a super low price. If you’re not having any luck on a local level, then surfing online through eBay, craigslist, Letgo, or any other resale database can yield some awesome discoveries.

Of course, there are many fine reproductions of mid-century pieces that can be obtained for a fraction of the price. You can spend less time hunting, and more time basking in the soft glow of your lamps. Don’t forget out fit your fixtures with vintage-style Edison bulbs to complete the look. Keep in mind, the type of lighting you buy will often dictate the style of the room, so make sure to find a component that matches with your overall vision.

It’s a shame that fashion and decor trends move fast, but the good news is that these five crazes are here to stay for the foreseeable future. Something crucial to understand, too, is that trends always repeat themselves after a certain amount of time. Whatever investments you made in the past can certainly be recycled, and what you incorporate now will be survived by another movement.

Interior design trends usually make a come back, so be sure to keep your favorite pieces in self-storage for future use!

Chase Maser