You remember watching those HGTV shows when they first aired. The overriding concern in many situations was to maximize property value through remodeling, and everyone had a different idea as to exactly how much a bathroom remodel, for example, would add to the price of a given home. Would that $15,000 job actually pay for itself?

Today, while the proper remodeling will of course add some value to your home, if you install smart technology, you can see definite price expectation improvement. Whether you’re a first time home owner or a veteran in real estate, see below for six nice ways to add smart home technology value to your property:

1. Lighting

First, replace incandescent and fluorescent fixtures. These old-fashioned lights flame out quickly and cost more to power than newer LED fixtures. Then, in combination with LEDs, get a smart system that will guide you in controlling light intensity and hues—and you can turn your entire system off or on from your hand-held device.

2. Security

Motion detectors were cool in their time, but good cameras are so inexpensive now that you can purchase a great security system and connect it to a smart app. In addition, your doorbell can be alive with your own voice as you will be able to see who comes to your door and talk to them, even if you are on a remote island vacation.

3. Gardening

Automatic sprinklers were great, but if you didn’t manually change the settings during a severe thunderstorm watch, you might have been watering during a furious storm. With a smart garden app, you can:

  • Monitor soil moisture.
  • Interface with the actual outside weather.
  • Monitor local forecasts.
  • Set complicated watering schedules.

Sit back and relax because all of this can be done from your hand-held smart device.

4. Smart Outlets

If you have un-smart appliances you can still raise their collective IQs by connecting them to smart outlets that you can disable remotely. No more worrying about turning off the stove!

And remember, even if you’re living in a small, affordable town like Athens, Georgia or Madison, Wisconsin, you can still implement this smart tech feature. You don’t have to be a big city person to take advantage of smart home and apartment technology.

5. CO Gas Detection

As a kid, you may have been sacred by those commercials that solemnly warned against “that tasteless, colorless and odorless gas that could kill,” but unfortunately, carbon monoxide is a genuine threat if you have gas or even oil heating. A smart CO detector will have you sleeping soundly as you know that you will be quickly warned of any serious indoor air quality issues.


If you don’t do anything else, make sure that you have a smart thermostat installed. With one of these there will be no more:

  • Days where you kept your home toasty, but no one was home.
  • Periods when you went on vacation and forgot to turn the AC up to 80.
  • Times when you got home to a cold home because you mis-set your old clunky thermostat.

Best of all, you will know if you have a furnace problem as you can manage all of your HVAC functions directly from your phone—and that’s convenience.

No, we’re not going to be able to calculate exactly how much value each of these smart innovations will add to your home’s value, but we can tell you that without them, your ability to get a great price will be definitely hindered.