People around the world are recognizing how beneficial it can be to use a second home as a vacation rental. The profits from a rental home can be a great source of extra income for families.

If you own a rental property, it’s time to get it ready for vacation season. We’ve compiled seven steps you should complete to ensure that your home is prepared for renters.

1. Deep Clean Everything

The first step to preparing your vacation home is cleaning everything. That means getting down and dirty by scrubbing away at those stains on the carpet and making the kitchen sparkle. You don’t want guests to leave bad reviews because you didn’t clean well enough. Every single room should be deep cleaned.

2. Pack Away Valuable Items

Go through your home and make sure the only items there are necessities or pieces of décor. You don’t want your family heirlooms to get damaged, lost, or even stolen. If you only rent out the home during the summer, pack away winter items and other unnecessary things away—keep them in a storage facility, if needed.

If you rent out your property through a vacation property management company, one of the top questions you should ask is how often they’ll inspect your home. This should include ensuring that the inside of the home is up to the standards of you and your guests.

3. Fix Any Hazards

Anything that could cause harm to you or a guest should be taken care of immediately. Exposed wiring, loose steps, a slippery rug, or an uneven shower curtain rack could cause physical harm. Fix or replace any hazards as soon as possible to prevent lawsuits.

4. Do Some Minor (or Major) Landscaping

One of the first things people will notice about your property is how the outside looks. First impressions of people happen very quickly, and the same is true with a home. Make a good impression on your guests with neatly trimmed grass, healthy plants and flowers, and a nice outdoor area.

5. Play with Interior Decorating

A beautiful, clean, well maintained interior is one of the ways you’ll get guests to come back for more. Think about updating light fixtures, especially if yours are dirty and old, and adding some special rugs, chic pillows, and simple artwork. If you feel at ease when you walk into the home, chances are your guests will, too—and that’s an accomplishment.

6. Stock Up on Necessary Items

Your home should be equipped with all the essentials to make your guests’ stay as effortless and pleasant as possible. You don’t want guests to have run out to the store because you didn’t supply them with enough towels or dishes.

7. Add Thoughtful Items

Apart from the essentials, there are a few things you should add to the home if you want guests to leave great ratings and come back each year. Stock up on some food in the refrigerator and cupboards—you don’t have to supply them with full meals, but it is a nice gesture. Store some board games and DVDs in case of a rainy day, and definitely create a welcome book.

Zack Applehans