We’re all looking for discounts when we make a large purchase. Buying an auto is a prominent example, but you can ask for a cheaper price for almost anything you buy, especially an apartment. 

While this practice may be more common in some cities than others, here are some great ways to persuade a landlord to give you a better deal than the listed rental price:

Offer a Longer Term

If you really like the property you are considering, think about offering to sign a longer lease. Vacancies can cost a landlord serious dollars and losing even one month of rental income can be devastating for an individual apartment owner. 

Even if offering to lease for two years instead of one means that a landlord cannot raise the rent during that period, at least they will have the satisfaction of knowing that they don’t need to worry about re-renting the premises for a full two years. A longer-term rental can also help improve your credit as well!

Offer to Do Some Work

If the property you want to rent is teetering on the edge of fixer-upperness, offer to do some repairs in exchange for a cheaper monthly rent. Of course, you need to calculate the cost of your time plus any materials you might need, but if you do the math correctly, you may get a nice discounted monthly rental amount that will save you cash.

You might be looking at a small Chicago apartment or a penthouse in Austin, Texas, but even if the apartment is in pristine condition, you could offer to do basic maintenance like lawn-cutting and garden tending, and this can help you get a discount.

Offer a Quick Move

Again, vacancies are death for landlords, and if you are looking at an empty apartment, offer to move in the next day if you can get a discount on the rent for the rest of the lease term. 

Showing apartments to multiple parties takes a lot of time, and if a landlord can be done with that part of their job in a hurry, you might be able to work a deal.

Offer to Get Out Quickly and Neatly

When it is time for you to move, if you promise that upon your departure you will make sure that the property is in move-in condition, you may be able to persuade a landlord to give you a break on the monthly rent. 

If you offer to do the repainting and carpet cleaning that might be necessary in order to return the apartment to mint condition when you move out, for example, that can be a great way to start the negotiation.

Offer to Help During the Transition

Tell the landlord that when it comes time for you to move out, you will assist with any showings, that you’ll be available, and you will do everything you can to help the landlord re-rent the premises. If you offer to help make the tenant transition a smooth one, your landlord may reward you with a rent discount.

A landlord/tenant relationship should not be an arbitrary one, and anything you can do to make the landlord’s job easier and bank account happy should translate into a nice rental discount for you.