What’s that I smell? Pumpkin Spice?

Like it or not, fall is coming and that means it’s time to put away your summer clothing and make room for fall and winter items. As a professional organizer in New York City, I often get called in after clients have tried the wardrobe changeover and failed to go it alone. I specialize in decluttering and creating systems of organization based on my client’s individual needs.

Tori the Organizer

Below are five tips and tricks to help you through the chore that is seasonal changeover:

Closet Edit

Summer is on its way out, which means that you’ve had a chance to wear your shorts, sandals and bathing suits.

This is the time to make the decision about the sundress that you absolutely loved in the store but haven’t actually had occasion to wear; another summer has come and gone and it has remained on its hanger. End of the season is the perfect time to go through your summer wardrobe and make decisions about what should be kept and what can be donated. For more direction on how to purge, see here.

Take Stock

Think about that pair of sandals that you love more than anything but has officially seen better days. Knowing what you need to replace at the end of a season will prepare you for when the season comes around again. If you’re not able to grab the item at an end of season sale, you now have a year of big sale days – including Black Friday – to get it. This doesn’t give you carte blanche to go crazy shopping, it’s an opportunity to replace only what you need to.

Seasonal Changeover

Full disclosure, I am not such a fan of seasonal changeover because from what I’ve seen, many people don’t follow through with it and end up buying new stuff. My goal when I work with my clients is to purge their wardrobe to a point where they can fit most, if not all, of their clothing.

That being said, if you lack extra space for storage, things like outerwear, boots and sweaters can be switched out with bathing suits, shorts and sandals; items that you really only use for a portion of the year.


Depending on your storage situation, there are a number of options, including: under your bed, up high in a closet and if you need it, offsite storage. The most important thing is to put things away in an organized fashion so that when they come out, it makes your life easier, not harder. The best way to do this is to group like items and label them. If you’re storing in more than one place, make yourself an inventory so you can remember what’s where. And make sure to use clear bins and bags so you can see what’s what without having to undo your work.

Vacation Preparedness

 As you put your summer things away, keep in mind that if you plan to take a beach vacation during the long cold winter, you’re going to need certain things. Plan ahead and make a bag or bin of vacation items so that you don’t need to pull out all of your summer clothing to find what you need. This might seem tedious but you’ll thank yourself when it comes time to pack.

Seasonal changeover is not most people’s idea of a good time but using the tips above and doing it right, will make your life infinitely easier. Front end the work so that when summer comes around again, you’re already prepared and you can just enjoy yourself!

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Tori Cohen