Why do you think the stockings were hung by the chimney with care? Probably because the person who tacked them to the mantle was an organizing fanatic. This holiday season, you and your friends can be top-notch organizers, too.

Check out this list of 25 storage and organizing stocking stuffer gifts for the organized and disorganized alike.

1. Handheld Label Maker

Most people need to slap a label on something: Food leftovers, soups in the freezer, reusable work files, seasonal clothes containers, boxes in the basement, kitchen canisters and more. You can’t go wrong with a Bluetooth handheld label maker to do the job.

2. Kitchen Gadgets

There’s no shortage of clever organizing kitchen gadgets that fit easily into your favorite cook’s stocking. What about gripper clip strips for spices or food packet organizing trays? More ideas include drawer and cabinet organizers, sink organizer trays, plastic lids for pet food cans, veggie half keepers, and Prepara Herb Saver Pods to keep herbs fresh.

3. Office Gadgets

How about a desktop cell phone stand or a multiple-device charging station? Cord and cable ties can neaten and organize anyone’s office. Other ideas: Magnetic paper clip holder, sticky notes, a daily planner, internet password keeper or an electronics organizer.

4. Decluttering Books

Check out 14 favorite decluttering books from Home Sweet Home blog to find the best one for that friend with decluttering on his or her list of New Year’s resolutions.

5. Clips

Chip bag clips, binder clips, clothes hanger clips, quilting and crafting clips, hair clips. You can find clips for any number of uses, from practical to fun, so slip in a few clips.

6. Stick-on Hooks

You can stick adhesive hooks on the backs of doors for clothes, in closets and cabinets and onto the wall wherever hooks will help keep your home organized.

7. Refrigerator Magnets

Refrigerator magnets help keep track of notes, coupons and other items easily misplaced. There’s a magnet out there for everyone, especially people who fancy a good laugh or philosophical quotes.

8. Mini Dry-Erase Board

Because sometimes there’s more to say than what fits on a sticky note. A mini white board also eliminates paper clutter from notes left for housemates.

9. Sticky Notes

Who doesn’t need their memory jogged occasionally? Post-it and other sticky reminder notes won’t break your stocking stuffer budget, either.

10. Cord and Cable Organizers

Not only could you help someone be more organized with cable organizers to tidy up the room, you may even save that person from breaking his or her neck by tripping over a tangled mess.

11. Key Rings

Who doesn’t need an extra key ring or two? Plenty of people have keys to the house of a friend, parent or neighbor with a dog that needs walked and watched occasionally.

12. Pet Organizing Items

If there’s one undisputed fact about pet owners, they love cute stuff for their dog or cat. It’s easy to stuff small pet supply hangers, dog poop bag dispensers, collapsible dog travel bowls, and grooming tools into stockings.

13. Mini Flashlight

Everyone needs a little flashlight for getting around the house during electrical outages, searching for items in dark closets, looking under car seats for a lost cell phone or walking the dog at night.

14. Gift Cards

This old holiday standby offers plenty of options for those who plan to get organized in the new year. Gift cards also work for the naturally organized who like to stay that way. Try gift cards for The Container Store, IKEA, Amazon or a big-box home store.

15. Travel Bottles

Plastic or silicone travel bottles for shampoo, lotion, hair products and other liquids that need to clear carry-on bag restrictions when flying are an easy fit into any stocking.

16. Markers

Who among us hasn’t asked, “Got a marker?” Few organizing tools beat a good, old-fashioned marker for identifying moving and storage boxes, mailing packages or posting a big note on the door for someone to see. An assortment of Sharpie colors can help you be more organized by color coding your to-do lists.

17. Furniture Sliders

You can’t get much more practical than felt sliders to protect hardwood floors from moving furniture legs while rearranging. But practical is good when it saves someone from scratched floors or a future trip to the hardware store.

18. Smartphone Cover

This is a tricky one, since no cover fits every smartphone. Do your research by taking a peek at your friend’s or kid’s phone to make sure you choose a cover that fits.

19. Key Finder

Tired of waiting for friends in the car while they race around the house looking for their keys? Give a disorganized friend a wireless key finder that prompts lost keys to beep for easy locating or a gift card for downloading a key finder app.

20. Catch-All Trays

Small, colorful trays and dishes are perfect for holding spare change, jewelry and keys.

21. Freezer Storage Bags

Another practical stocking stuffer, but people who love to cook and freeze prepped veggies for later use will love it. Buy a small box of freezer storage bags that fit the stocking or wrap up a bunch plucked from an industrial-sized box.

22. Magnetic Knife Bar

If the stocking is deep enough, slip in a magnetic knife strip for off-counter organizing of kitchen cutlery.

22. Pet GPS Locator

No one can get organized if their dog or cat is roaming the neighborhood after bolting through the back gate. Your pet-loving friend or family member will love a GPS-enabled pet locator and tracker stuffed in their stocking.

23. Wine Bottle Stoppers

Whether you go with stainless steel or silicone stoppers, wine drinkers will love not being forced to stuff corks back into wine bottles going in the fridge or organized on the counter.

24. Internet Password Keeper

If someone is leery of online password storage options, give them a small notebook designed specifically for internet usernames, passwords and e-mail addresses.

25. Key Hiders

Fake rocks, cast iron turtles and garden butterflies are just a few key hiders that fit snugly into the stocking of the person who likes to have an extra key outside just in case. Slip in a magnetic key holder for under the car, too.