Once again, you’ve drawn the name of a disorganized coworker for the company’s Secret Santa gift exchange. Last holiday season, you gave your colleague a coffee mug with a clever slogan. Now that mug is missing, probably hidden beneath a pile of papers in a cubicle corner.

This year, why not give your scattered coworker a gift that shows that you’ve been paying attention all year long? Maybe something to help him keep his desk neat or her meeting times straight. Or even just a funny reminder that you all know how disorganized that person is but don’t really mind — too much.

There’s a Secret Santa gift out there for everyone, from the cluttered coworker can’t keep a tidy workspace to the who person who regularly rushes in 10 minutes late to meetings.

If you’ve got a disorganized coworker on your Secret Santa gift list, here are 12 gifts that disorganized colleagues will love.

1. Llama Desk Duster

What disorganized coworker wouldn’t want a Llama desk duster for dusting off unopened file folders or making last-minute desk sweeps as the regional manager steps off the elevator for a visit announced three weeks ago?

2. Dammit Doll

The Dammit Doll is the perfect stress reliever for a disorganized colleague’s frustrated tantrums over missed meetings, lost wallets, accidentally deleted files, annoyed team members and getting yelled at for hitting “reply all” one too many times. A couple of smacks of the Dammit Doll against the desk or cubicle wall and all will be well again.

3. Decision Paperweight

Next time your disorganized coworker has a client or superior who needs an answer immediately, your waffling colleague can calm down and let a spin of the Decision Maker Paperweight decide the fate of all involved. Better than a Magic 8 Ball, since there’s no “try again later” for procrastinators.

4. Someone Called About Something Notes

These Someone Called About Something sticky notes will lift the weight of paying attention from your harried coworker’s shoulders. No more scribbling indecipherable details of the phone call he or she forgot immediately upon hanging up. All the information a disorganized coworker will ever relay — somebody called about something — is right here.

5. Magnetic Do Not Want to Do List

This Do Not Want to Do list sloth magnetic sticky notepad is ideal for the person who puts off dreaded  tasks again and again until he or she forgets all about them. It even comes in mossy green, just like your coworker’s long-forgotten lunch in the break room refrigerator.

6. Cat-Shaped Paper Clips and Sticky Notes

Perfect for the cat lady of the office who’s always missing work for a feline emergency. She can even use these color cat paper clips and silhouette cat sticky notes to mark significant pages in the volume  of instructions she’ll leave for her pet sitter while she’s away at the company conference.

7. A Helping Hand

Want to lend a hand to help your cluttered coworker keep his or her desk organized? How about giving your colleague a hand pen holder instead? This holder even has a magnetic back for paper clips or other metal objects to help your coworker be more organized.

8. Wristwatch Sticky Notes

What good is a sticky note for a meeting time or phone conference if your coworker posts it on a cubicle wall and then forgets about it? No more missed appointments with Time Will Tell sticky notes, reminders that he or she can wear like a wristwatch.

9. Clock/Fan Combo

Next time your disorganized coworker is sweating over being unprepared for a presentation, this LED Clock Fan can help a procrastinating colleague get the job done on time. Just plug it into any USB port and chill while wrapping up those last-minute details.

10. Cell Phone Holder

Coworkers who constantly misplace their cell phones can’t miss their device when it’s cradled by this Thumbs-up Cell Phone Stand Holder. The hands even slide up and down to adjust the viewing angle, perfect for the person who’s juggling too many projects to add the task of holding a cell phone for a call to the list.

11. Dry-Erase Sticky Notes

Just because your coworker has trouble getting everything done doesn’t mean he or she wants to destroy the earth. Help your officemate become more organized while being sustainable with reusable  Dry-Erase Sticky Notes, which stick to glass, laptops and cabinets just like a magnet.

12. Mini Vacuum Cleaner

This Henry Novelty Vacuum Cleaner is perfect for the coworker needing to get rid of evidence of too many lunches eaten at his or her desk as a deadline looms. Even if it this mini vaccum is more of a novelty item, it still comes in handy for sucking up random crumbs of encouragement tossed by an unappreciative boss.