If you’re fortunate enough to have a mudroom in your house, the rest of the home is probably spared from excess dirt tracked in year-round. When winter weather blows in, however, it’s time to bolster your mudroom’s organization for inclement weather.

Whether you live in a frozen tundra besieged by winter blizzards or a state where it rains frequently in the winter, you’ll need to transform your mudroom from a summer storage place for sports equipment, beach towels, sunscreen and tote bags to a space ready to handle whatever winter drags through the door.

Don’t worry, though. This list of 10 essential winter items can keep your mudroom from becoming a winter hazard of its own.

1. Door Mat

Place a door mat at the outside entrance but don’t forget one on the inside, too. Choose a doormat for the outside that can be hosed off. For the inside, put down a cloth rug with a non-skid backing that can be tossed into the washer once a week to keep it clean.

2. Benches

Every mudroom needs a bench or two, especially in the winter for putting on or pulling off boots. All the better if the mudroom bench doubles as a storage space with a seat that opens to a storage compartment or drawers that pull out from beneath.

“For a more budget-minded solution, any sitting bench can be turned into a storage bench by sliding pretty baskets or bins underneath,” according to HGTV.

3. Cubbies

Cubbies, which are open cabinets stacked in rows or columns, offer storage room for boots and shoes, hats, gloves, ice skates, back packs, ice melt and other items you can locate easily before stepping out into gusting wind or frigid temps. When spring finally arrives, cubbies can store baseball gloves, bats and shoes, tennis rackets and other sports equipment, along with camping gear and beach towels in the summer.

4. Hooks

Hooks for coats, sweaters, scarves and hats can have a “major impact” on mudroom storage and organization, according to cleaning service Merry Maids. Wall-mounted hook racks come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. You can also use hooks on free-standing coat trees or racks. To utilize space even more, buy coat racks with storage shelves.

5. Umbrella Stand

There’s nothing like rushing in from an icy winter rain to make you want to get rid of your dripping umbrella as soon as you can. Drop it on the floor and you’ll have a mess. Place it in the umbrella stand just inside the door and it will be dry and ready next time you head out in a downpour.

6. Laundry Basket or Hamper

Keep a laundry basket or hamper in the mudroom for wet gloves and hats on snowy days and towels used to dust snow off boots and coats.

7. Dog Gear Station

If you walk your dog, you know how messy things can get on a rainy day or when snow turns to slush. Use a wall-mounted hook rack to hang leashes, coats and a towel for paw, floor and wall wiping. Keep extra folded towels on a small rack or table for easy access.

8. Broom, Dustpan and Mop

You may have durable tile or laminated flooring in your mudroom, but it still gets dirty, so you’ll need to have a few cleaning supplies handy. Keep a broom and dustpan in the room for quick sweeps of dirt, dried mud, tracked-in ice melt, leaves and other winter debris. Have a jet-spray mop on hand for daily touch-ups or the finishing touch on a good sweep.

9. Snow Shovel

Keep a snow shovel in the mudroom for those days when you need to move snow that’s blown against the entry door. Keep the shovel off the floor and out of the way by hanging it on a wall hook.

10. Shelving

Wall-mounted shelves keep items off the floor and can add decorative touches to mudroom walls. You can repurpose bookcases for boots, shoes, and sunglasses by sprucing them up with a fresh coat of paint, according to HGTV. Want to go all out?

“For maximum shelf storage space, it’s difficult to beat a built-in unit that takes up an entire wall,” says HGTV.