Have you failed too many times to keep most of your cleaning and organizing New Year’s resolutions? Well, maybe you just never met the right tool, one that’s capable and committed to helping you get organized and stay that way.

If all you need to meet your cleaning and organization resolutions is a little help from a product designed to keep life clean and uncluttered, don’t despair. There are many to choose from and most don’t even cost much money.

Here are some popular New Year’s resolutions and 13 tools that can help you keep them.

New Year’s Resolution: “I will stay on top of housecleaning”


1. Robot Vacuum. If you’ve vowed to cut down on dust balls rolling around the floor, this cleaning tool doesn’t require much work, just a bit of money. Still, a robot vacuum may be worth the expense if your floor stays clean so you can have more time to organize and declutter.

2. Cordless Vacuum. It’s not hard to keep furniture clean when you have pets if you take a cordless hand vacuum to upholstery for a few minutes every day or two. While you’re at it, suck up stray lint or dust from the back of your TV or other electronic devices.

3. Broom and Mop Hooks. Are you tired of brooms and mops falling out of your closet every time you open the door? You won’t dread basic cleaning tasks if you install a wall-mounted broom holder with hooks and slots for brooms, mops, dustpan, dust cloths and other cleaning essentials.

New Year’s Resolution: “I will organize my closet.”

4. Over-the-Door Racks and Organizers. Get all those shoes off the floor and onto the door with an over-the-door shoe rack to free up space in your closet. You can also store accessories like purses, clutches, glasses, wallets or anything you please on over-the-door organizers in bedrooms.

5. Hanging Compartment Organizer. You can store sweaters, socks, hats, shoes, purses and lots of other items in a hanging compartment organizer, an inexpensive item that fits in the smallest closets. Got a lot of stuff? Hang two or three. For just a little more money, you can even get a hanging compartment organizer with drawers for a neater look.

6. Drawer Organizers. The days of searching through a pile of underwear, mismatched socks, t-shirts, belts and ties will be gone once you portion out dresser drawer space with drawer divider organizers.

New Year’s Resolution: “I will keep my bathroom clean and organized.”

7. Bathroom Hot Tool Organizer. It’s no fun to come home after work to a hot mess of hair dryers, curling wands and other styling tools cluttering your bathroom. It’s not safe to toss them into the pantry on top of a stack of towels, either. But you can still get hot tools out of the way by hanging them on a holder inside a cabinet door.

8. Rotating Cosmetics and Products Organizer. If you’ve resolved to organize your bathroom cabinets or closet, try storing makeup, personal hygiene and hair and skin products in one rotating, organized place for easy out-of-sight access.

9. Under-Sink Storage Shelf. If you’re going to keep your bathroom clean, you’ll need easy access to cleaning products, scrub brushes, paper towels and cleaning cloths. It’s a lot easier to work up the courage to clean the bathroom when everything you need is neatly stored and accessible on a storage shelf under the sink

New Year’s Resolution: “I will keep my kitchen neat and organized.”

10. Magnetic Knife Strip. If you’re sick of that butcher block knife set taking up so much counter space, make some room with a magnetic knife strip. Knives are off the counter and out of the way but still within easy reach.

11. Shelf Stacker. For items that stay out on the kitchen counter all the time, add counter space with a shelf stacker for two levels of storage for pasta, coffee and other containers.

12. Stackable Can Rack. Tired of trying to guess what kind of soup is at the back of your cupboard? A stackable can rack organizer can fit in a kitchen cabinet or pantry and bring order to canned chaos.

13. Collapsible Dish-Drying Rack. Save space in the kitchen with a collapsible dish rack. When you’re not using it, just collapse the rack and stash it in a drawer.