Congratulations on your decision to use self-storage! Storing your items will not only clear up space in your home or apartment, but will enable you to preserve your belongings in a safe and climate-controlled facility. That being said, there are numerous factors to consider when deciding on a unit – some of which include location, price, insurance and size.

Which facility should you use?

Depending on your preferences (as well as your budget), you can choose between a mobile storage unit, self service facility or storage services through a moving company. A mobile unit involves the drop-off of a container to your home that you fill up with your belongings – this is then either stored at your home or picked up and taken to a larger facility. A self service facility is more labor intense on your part where you do all of the packing and transporting of your items to a facility. You may also have to place the items and organize them into the storage container.

Location, location, location.

If you are opting to use self-storage, consider using a facility that is near your home. Most likely, you will want to check on your unit from time-to-time or even want to add more items to your unit. Also, double check if the facility allows unscheduled visits or if they require appointments.

Make sure all is secure.

Before you use a unit, make sure that you investigate its security systems. Ask for a tour before you decide to use a unit – making sure to ask about their electronic security systems. Do they use state-of-the-art video surveillance systems, individual unit security alarms or automated gate access? Also, consider the neighborhood of the facility and be sure to ask how your unit is protected at night as well as during the day.

Insurance counts.

Insurance is another important issue to look into, especially if you are storing items of extraordinary value. Generally, storage facilities have insurance – but some coverage will not cover theft, fires, flood, etc. Make sure you fully understand their insurance policies and if you will need extra insurance to cover items not listed on the plan.

Size it up.

As a part of your tour, make sure that you get to look at the actual units – in order to assess whether they are suitable for your needs/budget.

Ask more questions.

A storage unit in itself is not just about the size and price. Ask about how the climate is controlled, the pest control and any other special needs such as fur or wine storage. If you discover that the facility you’ve booked doesn’t have everything that you need, call SpareFoot at 1-877-687-9771, and we’ll help you find a facility that’s right you.