Spending the night in a new and unfamiliar place can be an alien and awkward experience for guests. If you are expecting overnight guests, take it upon yourself to be as hospitable as possible. No matter the occasion or level of familiarity with your guests, strive to treat them to a memorable overnight experience.

Here are some great spare room organization tips that will make your guests feel like royalty.

1. Get the Clutter Into Storage

It’s all too common for people to use their spare rooms as home offices and craft rooms when they aren’t expecting company. Alternative uses of rarely frequented guest rooms are often pragmatic. Unfortunately, your guests don’t want to see endless stacks of paper work or your art project hovering over them when they wake up in the morning.

If your spare room doesn’t have the feel of a comfortable living space, it’s time to take all the non-essentials out.  Take anything that makes your room feel messy and move it to storage. To make the process more organized, place your items in labeled, stackable totes. Decluttering the closet, nightstand, desk, and the top of the dresser will make the room feel more put together and stress-free.

2. Create Space For Clothing

Designate an ample amount of space for your overnight guests to unpack their luggage into. Free up dresser drawers that can be used for your guest’s folded clothes. Take any of your clothes that may be hanging up in the guest room closet and put them in your own closet, a suitcase or in a storage unit.

Put empty hangers on the rack in the guest closet so your guests have the option to hang up any dress clothes they brought along. If you don’t have closet space or a dresser available, put a luggage rack in the room so guests don’t have to bend over to dig through their bags.

3. Anticipate Your Guest’s Technology Needs

One of the first items on the agenda for newly arrived house guests will be the acquisition of the coveted Wi-Fi password. Write your network name and password on a piece of paper or chalkboard and display it where it can be easily found. (Make sure to change any vulgar passwords before your parents come over to avoid familial embarrassments.)

A clean work desk in the spare room is a convenient addition for those guests who need to do remote work like answering emails and making conference calls. For added ease, place a cup with pens, a blank notebook, and a phone charger plugged into power strip on the desk.

4. Be on Top of Sanitation Requirements

If you have a guest bathroom, stock it full of essential toiletries.  The shower should contain clean soap, shampoo, conditioner, and face wash. Store toilet paper reinforcements in a location where they can easily be found when called upon.

Stock the medicine cabinet with pain relievers, antacids, floss, feminine products, toothpaste, extra toothbrushes, and everything else traveling persons tend to forget. Places a few towels, face cloths and rags out for immediate use and have back ups handy.

An all too often overlooked necessity of a guest room is the humble trash can. Throughout the day, people tend to collect bits of trash in their purses and pockets. Having a receptacle to deposit the waste into at the end of the day makes all the difference.

5. Night Time is The Right Time

People like to read at night to unwind, so put a few magazines or books on the nightstand for your guests to enjoy. Stay away from the Dostoevsky and Dickens—choose something lighthearted with lots of pictures. Good choices for light reading are visual art books, travel guides for your city, and cooking magazines like Bon Appetit and Cooks Illustrated. Leave a lamp on both nightstands so your visitors can read before turning in.

For guests who are night owls, sun shine coming through the window early in the morning can ensure they will not get enough sleep. Allow your guests to sleep as late as they want by putting blackout curtains over the windows. This is especially necessary if your guest windows face east or south.  Leave extra blankets and portable fans in the room so your guests can sleep comfortably.

6. Help Melt The Stress Away

Dealing with airports, traffic, and being far away from your usual comfort zone can make traveling a tense situation for people. As a host, you should make it your goal to help assist your guests in their unwinding process.

Help your guests feel calm and relaxed by filling your spare room with house plants and fresh flowers. House plants release oxygen into the air, which can help lower stress levels. Flowers are visually appealing, and they can help improve the mood through environmental exposure.

We all should know by now that staying hydrated is one of the most important ways to keep our body and mind healthy and functioning properly. Keeping a pitcher of filtered water with cups in your guest room can help proper hydration be easily achievable. An electric kettle with an assortment of herbal teas will give your guests plenty of soothing options.

Room sprays can create a relaxed and therapeutic atmosphere in any room. Go to your local apothecary or check online for some responsible providers of quality essential oils. You can add you essential oils to a diffuser or make some DIY room sprays.

Putting an air purifier in your spare room is a convenient way to remove stale air and significantly cut down on allergens in the space.

7. What Goes Around Comes Around

We must warn you, with tips like these, your guests might elect to stay in their temporary rooms rather than leave the house at all. If that is the case, you’ve done your job well. It doesn’t matter if your guests didn’t drink the filtered water or read the magazine, the effort still would have made an impact on them. In turn, they may treat a future guest of theirs similarly, and the hospitality will spread like wildfire.

Jonathan West