There might be a time in your life when you find yourself stuck on your coach due to feeling under the weather, suffering from an injury, or just being plain lazy. Binging TV shows is great for a few hours, but after awhile you might start to feel guiltylike you should be doing something productive with your free time.

To help you make better use of your time, we’ve compiled a list of tasks you complete from your couch:

1. Clean Out Your E-mail Inbox

This is the perfect task to complete if you are physically tired but want to be productive. Depending on your level of diligence, this may or may not take you a long time to complete. If you’ve let your inbox get out of control, like most of us do, pop on a movie and get to work. You’ll feel a lot better if you do.

2. Groom Yourself

What’s better than putting on a face mask and watching your favorite movie? Add a foot soak and a nail trimming to the agenda and you’ll be as good as new. It might be wise to throw a sheet over the couch to avoid any unwanted messes.

3. Get Crafting

Is there something you’ve been meaning to make for a while? Remain comfy while you DIY your heart out. If you don’t have any specific project in mind, do a quick search for “DIY projects” and you will find millions of ideas for all skill levels. If you want a real challenge, learn to knit or crochet! At least you’ll have a nice scarf to show for the time you spent lounging on the coach.

4. Declutter

If you find yourself needing to stay off of your feet, use this time to tackle some home organization tasks while sitting down. Empty out your desk drawers into a box or bin and you can reorganize and declutter while you lounge. Place a trash can and a receptacle for recycled goods near you so you don’t have to get up. Take this time to wipe off the dust from the items you intend to keep.

Move any boxes or bins that you need to go through to the living room before you settle in. You can also throw the contents of your closet in a hamper to sort through them while you nest on your sofa. Use trays or egg cartons to sort small items you want to keep and organize.

5. Conquer Your Reading List

Reading is the best excuse to lay around because no one can argue that gaining knowledge is a waste of time. And sure, streaming shows or playing video games is great, but why not exercise your brain?

For some people, Audible is the way to go. Pay a little each month and have access to a library of millions of audiobooks. Pro Tip: if you finish a book within a few months, you can exchange it for credits to purchase more books, a great incentive IMO.

6. Say Thank You

There is always a reason to thank people. From thanking someone for a wedding or birthday gift,  to thanking your good friend for always being there, it’s always thoughtful to show your appreciation.

In the day and age of quick result emails, go that extra mile and write someone you care about a letter. If you are couch bound and sentimental, this is the perfect time to show people your gratitude by writing them a thank you card. Or a Valentine’s card, birthday card, or even just a letter or postcard. It means a lot more than a text message does!

Hollie Brown