by Nancy LaFever

Housewarming parties serve several important purposes. If you’re hosting your own party, it’s a way to welcome people into your new home, meet your new neighbors and offer a thank-you to everyone who helped facilitate the move.

If you’re throwing the housewarming party for friends or family who’ve just moved, you also want it to be memorable. It’s a ritual that says, “We’re so happy for you and want you to be comfortable and enjoy your new home.” Below are some pointers to make the housewarming party you throw fabulous.

If you’re hosting…
You’ve just moved and have finally unpacked and begun to settle in. Give yourself time to recover from the move process. Don’t try to throw a party the first weekend after your move.

  • Plan ahead. When you find out you’re moving, pick up some housewarming party invitations while out on another errand. At least you’ll have them when it’s party time. Or, plan to use online invitations through EventBrite.
  • Keep it super simple. While moving, life gets complicated. Plan a simple, relaxing party. You might do a casual open house on a Sunday from 1 to 4 p.m.
  • Offer finger food. Don’t try to get fancy with the party food. Now isn’t the time to show off your Béarnaise sauce. Your guests will enjoy easy housewarming appetizers, or maybe just wine and cheese with fruit. Avoid messy dips, as you don’t want them to end up on your new carpet.
  • Show off your house. Give your housewarming guests a tour of the new home. But if a room isn’t completely set up, you don’t have to show it. If you can, take people on individual tours so they feel special.
  • Invite the neighbors. This is a great time to meet the neighbors if you haven’t already.

If you’re throwing the party for a friend…
It’s a nice gesture to offer to throw a housewarming party for your friend after she moves. She’s probably exhausted from the move, and would welcome the help. Just be sure to ask first. If she’d rather throw her own party, offer to help out.

  • Make it a working party. Offer to combine the housewarming with a helping hand or two. Suggest a painting party, or center the festivities around some other household project the host needs to get done.
  • Order or make the food. Offer to take care of the food. That way, the hosts can just relax and enjoy their event. Again, be sure to ask what the new homeowners prefer on the menu.

Now go throw a housewarming party and celebrate your wonderful new home!

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