How to Turn Your Spare Room into a Nursery

Natasha Gabrielle
August 9, 2021
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Preparing for the arrival of a new baby is exciting. But it also requires a lot of hard work.

You want to make sure that your space is ready for your new family member, meaning a comfortable, clean baby-proof area. If you have a spare bedroom, you may be wanting to turn it into a nursery. Doing this is a great way to put the extra space that you have to good use. It also ensures you have a dedicated space for your baby.

Check out the following to turn your spare room into a nursery.

Get Rid of Clutter

If you’re repurposing a spare room in your home, it’s likely that there are other items already taking up space in the room. This can make the room look cluttered, making it hard to imagine as a nursery. Take the time to get organized and clear out extra items that you no longer need.

Consider getting a cabinet to hide extra items, or organize clutter neatly in a closet. If you have too many items and need to clear space, consider renting a storage space for your belongings.

Try a New Layout

Just because you always had the room set up one way doesn’t mean you need to keep it that way forever. Before you begin arranging everything to prepare for your baby’s arrival, think about moving furniture and other room items into a different layout. Another setup can help you maximize space, while helping to make the whole room feel more welcoming and comfortable.

Give the Room a Makeover with a Fresh Coat of Paint

It’s amazing how much difference a fresh coat of paint can make. If your extra bedroom or room feels outdated and boring, then it may be time to re-paint. Pick out colors that you think will work well for your new baby nursery and get painting, and don’t be afraid to think beyond pink and blue. Doing this can change the whole feel of a room, while setting the backdrop for a fresh design.

Upcycle Existing Furniture

For many families, buying brand new baby nursery furniture is out of budget. The good news is there are ways to upcycle existing furniture in your home. Doing this can be fun and rewarding. If you have furniture left over from your college days or have spare bedroom furniture that is not being put to use, you may want to repurpose those items. This will save you money, and it’s also a great way to recycle. For example, you might consider repurposing a dresser into a baby changing table. You can make small updates to make your furniture upgrades baby-proof.

Don’t Ignore Décor

Décor offers a simple way to dress up any kind of room. If you’re worried that the extra room won’t feel like a baby’s nursery, then you may just need some more décor. Look for baby-themed items that make you happy and that make the room feel welcoming and peaceful for your baby. Try sticking to a theme to create a unified look through out the room, such as dinosaurs, robots, fairy tales, etc.

Shopping for new nursery room décor can also help you get even more excited about your new baby’s arrival.

Here are some examples of decor items you may want to buy:

  • Pillows
  • Wall art
  • Picture frames
  • Rugs
  • Crib mobile
  • Lighting
By following these tips, you can turn your spare room into a nursery. Having a dedicated space for your baby to play, sleep, and having a place for you to both spend time together can be rewarding. Creating your dream nursery space doesn’t have to be stressful and with the right steps, you can easily turn a spare area in your home into a great nursery space.


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